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Let There Be Hype: The Dragon Prince Battlecharged

Board game news alert. Today’s special bulletin, one of the best animated shows ever made is getting a board game. And this is from someone who has seen all of Avatar: The Last Airbender, I think that the Dragon Prince is better. You might disagree, but for me it is anyways.

What is It?

Brotherwise Games is putting out a tactical minis game based off of the Netflix animated show, The Dragon Prince. Put together a team of your favorite characters and lead them into battle. Will Callum and Soren be able to take down the team of Claudia and Rayla, only your game will decide.

So for what this game is, it looks like it’s a card driven tactical battle game. Like I said, you create your team of characters and then using card play you maneuver and attack your opponent trying to knock out their characters. The game uses a charging systems where characters can charge up powers to do bigger attacks to knock out their opponents even faster. Each characters cards are going to give them a thematic feel like you get from the show. Soren is more of a tank, while the rogue like Rayla will jump in and out of battle.

Why Am I Hyped?

I am hyped because of the theme and because of the card play in the game. I recently have gotten in three games of Super Fantasy Brawl. That was another skirmish tactical battle sort of game but with objectives that you are trying to complete as well. It had simple systems and card play. I hope that this game is similar to that. I think it’ll be more about taking out your opponent than Super Fantasy Brawl was, but if the card play and game play is as fast, that certainly sounds cool.

Brotherwise Games is kind of known for creating games that are lighter. Examples being Boss Monster and Call to Adventure. Now, I have only played Boss Monster and that game is just hanging in my collection. The theme is fun and the 8bit artwork is great for it. The game play is just fine. I do have Call to Adventure: The Stormlight Archives that I need to get to the table. But with the fact that their games tend not to be that heavy, I’m thinking this one will fall in line. And because of the theme, this might be a tactical game my wife would be interested in trying.

When And Where Do I Find It?

The when is still up in the air. You can sign up over on Brotherwise Games site to get notified when the pre-orders go live. But it is going to go to retail for $40 with 8 characters to start. So 8 minis, the board, and 16 cards per character, it is a pretty solid deal in terms of value. I’m glad that this going to retail because I think it should have mass market appeal.

Hype Level

Quick refresher on how the hype level works. It is from 1 to 5. Five is super hyped. One is hyped. I’m not going to do a “Let There Be Hype” if I’m not hyped about it as well.

1 of 5

Now that seems low, like I said it’s my favorite animated show possibly ever. And for sure best one for kids. What keeps it lower is the fact it’s a tactical skirmish style game. Those games come out a lot. And I have Super Fantasy Brawl, which I love. Since I’m getting more characters for that and the game is easy to play, I’m not sure that I need to get this one.

What is your hype level for The Dragon Prince: Battlecharged? Let me know in the comments below.

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