2021 Nerds Year Resolutions

So I do this every year for at least a year, and I think the past two where I look back on 2020 and see how the site has done, and look ahead for 2021 and what I want for the site. You can see how well I did last year here.

How 2020 Went

Let’s start out with some statistical highlights this year. In 2020, we had 181,178 page views, this was up 16.45% from in 2019. We also saw a 15.11% increase in our numbers of users and a 17.37% increase in the number of sessions overall. The podcast also had 1,847 downloads during that time. So all of those numbers were nice size increases. I’m hoping in 2021, that we’ll be able to hit 200,000 page views, so please share articles, like them on FB or retweet them on Twitter.

As always when I look at those numbers I’m blown away how high they are for a website that primarily has one person writing for it. And I think about all the articles that I’ve put out and all the fun that I’ve had with it, I’m glad more people are enjoying it having fun with what I’m putting out.

Nerds Year Resolutions

Let’s dive into Nerds Year Resolutions. This is being split into two parts. The first what I want to improve for the site. The second, what I want to do for myself this year. When I look at what I want to do for the year, I want these to be objectives that are attainable for me. I don’t want to make it some goal that is very specific and makes it feel like work, I also don’t want it to be so nebulous that it’s impossible or feels never ending.

Image Source: Board Game Geek/Awaken Realms
For the Website
  • 10 Minute Marvel Every Week
  • Play Through Pandemic Legacy Season 2 on Malts and Meeples
  • Schedule Posts When I’m Gone – basically if I’ll miss time, I’ll write and schedule posts out over that time
For Me
  • Five new to me movies, anime, TV shows, books, and board games this year
  • Get through one legacy game (not counting Pandemic Legacy Season 2)
  • Paint A Mini (and more)
  • Finish Tainted Grail

For myself, by doing 5 that allows me to have enough for my Top 5 lists at the end of the year, I suspect I’ll see more movies than 5 this year but it’s a good goal to set all around and very achievable. I’m not sure what legacy game yet, I do have one that I can play solo that might end up being the pick.

What are your nerdy goals for 2021?

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