Look Back – Highlights of a Nerdy 2020

I did this last year as well, and honestly, that had a pretty fun list. I think about the movies that came out, going to GenCon, and what I got through last year, this year seems like and does pale in comparison. That, of course, is because of the Covid-19 Pandemic which basically shut down a lot of nerdy things, but there were still some highlights, just maybe not on quite as large a level.

Binging Anime

Now, this is something I 100% couldn’t have done this year without the pandemic, as odd as that sounds. Because I’ve been working from home, I’ve been able to throw on animes as background noise for a while, and I’ve come across some pretty good ones, and some pretty bad ones. But it’s a fun thing that I wouldn’t have been able to do. Normally I watch a handful of new anime a year, but this year I probably watched 10 or maybe more, which is a lot. Some of the highlights were Sword Art Online: Alicization and Food Wars! as two really great anime.

A New D&D Campaign

I think this one would have happened no matter what, but I’m really glad that it did. Because we couldn’t do the board game club idea that I started up just before the pandemic, D&D sounded like a fun idea. I got zoom, found three players, we’ve added a fourth, and got the gaming going. It’s been a fun time and it’s worked well enough over Zoom. And the fact that we’re doing it digitally and one of the players is moving, we can continue it even after they move. I’d love to play in person, but it’s been a great time running a game online and makes it so much easier for everyone.

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10 Minute Marvel Podcast

It’s weird to think that this has been a highlight, and I won’t lie, it hasn’t always been a highlight, nor did I complete my goal of getting an episode out every week. I missed two weeks, one when my computer died, and one with a toddler who was under the weather. But it’s been fun doing that podcast and seeing the podcast grow. At the start of the year, I was maybe getting 100 listens a month, and now it’s normally around 200, so it’s grown quite a bit, and I hope to keep it up and keep it growing in 2021.

The GloryHoundd Community

It’s odd to put something on the list that I didn’t see or meet any of these people in person, but it’s been very meaningful in 2020 joining in on the “I’d Back That” live streams, watching their play throughs of games, and chatting on their Discord with them, and other people who watch the live streams or catch their videos. It’s been a part of the community that was lacking for me for part of the year because I couldn’t have game nights in person, it’s given me another area to have a nerdy outlet and it’s been a very welcoming place for so many gamers. Only warning I’ll give is that you will back more games on Kickstarter if you watch their “I’d Back That” videos.

Board Game Club

Now, this only happened once, but it will happen again. We played Lords of Hellas which has rocketed up my games list near the top 10 because of playing it. It’s a great game, and it was fun to think about setting aside an evening a month to play some bigger or heavier game that might not get played at a normal board game night. This is one of those things that I’m really looking forward to getting back to sometime in 2021.

Now, I did more nerdy things as well, but these are some of the highlights for me. I did GenCon digital and that was mainly a “meh” for me. I did back one of the games I played on Kickstarter and picked up another from the Board Game Geek Store, but the experience was lacking. Besides obviously not having the people around, it was just different because you couldn’t go booth to booth and browse games.

What were some of your favorite nerdy experiences in 2020?

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