Dream Casting – Fantastic Four

Dream Casting – Fantastic Four

I’m borrowing this idea from Grace Randolph, I’ll imbed the video below. She put out her videos a little while ago now, but as we move into Phase 4 of the MCU, we’re likely to see them start bringing some X-Men into the fold and the Fantastic Four.

So what would I want in a Fantastic Four film?

First, I don’t think I want an origin story. I think it would be cool if they were the ones who bought Stark/Avengers Tower in New York City. It would make a lot of sense to get them loosely tied into something. I also think it would be interesting to have the Avengers Tower, or Baxter Building as it would be known now, to come under attack with someone looking for something that Stark or the Avengers had left there. We get the idea that Reed Richard, Sue Storm, Johnny Storm, and The Thing have just been doing their thing, but are now being pulled into the world, I’d even give Reed and Sue their kids in the film, so we get something a bit different into the MCU, the actual family of powers. For a villain, I’d go with The Thinker or The Mad Thinker. The reason is that he’s tech related, and it would make sense for him to be after the Fantastic Four, but also interested in something left in Stark/Avengers Tower/Baxter Building.

So let’s get to casting, who would I want to play the various members of the Fantastic Four?

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Reed Richards
What I’m Looking For – Someone who is a bit older to fill in this roll. I want them to have kids, and for me, Reed Richards should be older than Sue Storm by a little bit.

Sue Storm
What I’m looking For – I want someone who gives off some mother vibes, but also can be a fun character. Someone who can play supportive for Reed Richards and her kids, but also be impulsive enough to go off and do her own thing.

Johnny Storm
What I’m Looking For – Johnny Storm should be someone who is brash. Someone who has that swagger on the screen whether they’ve earned it or not, because they think they are awesome.

The Thing/Ben Grimm
What I’m Looking For – This should be portrayed by an actor who can get the depth of The Thing right. Someone who can see the Ben Grimm through The Thing, since The Thing isn’t just a monster.

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Let’s get these characters cast…

Ben Grimm/The Thing – Ron Perlman
He’s the original Hellboy and I think that he’d be able to nail the gruff while tragic character. I like Perlman’s work generally, and think that he’d be able to pull it off. He can also be that deadpan character when need be for humor purposes.

Johnny Storm – Zac Efron
Probably too big a name to play Johnny Storm, but I think that he’d make a lot of sense in the roll. He plays that overconfident character well and Johnny is meant to be a bit comedic, but mainly just overconfident, and Efron seems like an actor who would make that work well.

Image Source: IMDB

Sue Storm – Kristen Bell
She just plays such sweet characters now. But we’ve seen her play that headstrong character in Veronica Mars. I think between Veronica Mars and now her sweet character, but still independent character in The Good Place, she’d fill the roll nicely. Now, she and Efron don’t look a ton alike, but even in the comics Sue and Johnny don’t look a ton like siblings.

Reed Richards – Andrew Lincoln
You know him from The Walking Dead, but he has the look that I think you’d want for Reed Richards, that serious character. He needs to be able to play the family man, but also someone who is smart and not always socially adept. I haven’t seen much of The Walking Dead, but I think that Andrew Lincoln would work quite well.

How about the Villains?

What you are really wondering about is Doctor Doom, The Silver Surfer and Galactus. I don’t think think we’ll get any of those characters in the first film, so I’m going to stick with my choice for a villain, The Thinker, with a bonus of Doctor Doom who might be hinted at.

The Thinker – Stanley Tucci
Tucci just seems to do well in most roles, and I see this as a one off role for him. He would be able to overact it a little bit, which would be fine for the sort of movie I want it to be.

Doctor Doom – Jeffrey Dean Morgan
When I made this pick, I didn’t realize he was the actor who played Negan in The Walking Dead, but I think he’d make a good Fantastic Four foil from his work as The Comedian in Watchmen. He just has that larger than life presence on the screen without being too much.

So what do you think about the casting? Who would you want in the main four roles or playing Doctor Doom?

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