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CONvergence 2016: Kristen’s Take

We’re back from day one of CONvergence! I’ve been fighting a bit of a cold since yesterday evening (how did I get con crud before attending any of the actual con?? Seems unfair…), but on the other hand, I had what was definitely my favorite cosplaying experience to date, so I’d say we’re off to a great start!

This is only my second year at CONvergence, and I’ve been to only two other conventions besides, so I’m by no means a con veteran — regardless, CONvergence is by far my favorite of the ones I’ve attended thus far. As Peder mentioned, it draws an older crowd for the most part, while still making younger con-goers feel comfortable and welcome there. I have nothing at all against younger con-goers, mind you, but at the other two cons I’ve been to, the other attendees were primarily high school age, which made me feel about a million years old while I was there, so I much prefer being amongst a more diverse age group.

Another reason CONvergence is great is that it’s such a fun place to cosplay, and has really inspired me to branch out in my cosplaying efforts. Since just about any fandom you can think of is represented (and if not, warmly welcomed) there, you’ll feel comfortable in whatever cosplay you choose, and you’ll get to see a ton of really amazing ones no matter what.


As Peder noted, con-goers at CONvergence are very respectful on the whole; they’re great about asking for permission for pictures, and fantastic at giving compliments on one another’s cosplay (because let’s face it, fellow cosplayers…we don’t just do it for the accolades, but we sure like getting them!).


Whether you’re wandering around people-watching, nomming on snacks at the consuite (for those of you who have yet to attend a con, this is where free snacks are available for attendees), or seeing how many fellow cosplayers you can get photos with, you’re sure to have a fun time at CONvergence.

And when evening comes around, it’s time to hit the party room circuit! This is one of my and Peder’s favorite parts of CONvergence. The rooms are always so creative; some of them get transformed so well that it’s hard to believe that they’re in plain old hotel rooms! Some of my favorites include Bag End (because obvs, and because the folks in there are always super sweet and have amazing costumes), the Eolian (the bar from Patrick Rothfuss’ Kingkiller Chronicles — it’s like getting to live inside of a great book for a little while), the Star Wars-themed room (charmingly named Mos Icee Cantina, where they serve tasty slushies) and of course, the House of Toast — which, intriguingly, is a mobile cart this year! Pretty sure it’s going to be my goal to track it down tomorrow…

IMAG5755In short, CONvergence is a fun, relatively low-key but still exciting con that has a little something for everyone, and I hope to get the chance to attend many more times!

If you’re at CONvergence this year too, we hope you’ll come find us! As Peder said, we have badge ribbons galore and would love to give you one — come see us in the guise of Raven and Beast Boy tomorrow and say hi!

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