Back or Brick: Chronicles of Crimes: Millennium Series

Back or Brick: Chronicles of Crimes: Millennium Series

I almost forgot to do this today, but I want to keep it regular, would you back this game or is it a brick?


  • Based on a good game
  • Can back part of it and decide more later
  • Interesting premise/settings
  • Not just a board game, app piece makes it more appealing to a larger crowd


  • App piece, some people don’t like that in their board games
  • Got maybe a tiny bit motion sick demoing it at GenCon

The Page

This is a company, in Luck Duck Games, that does a great job of putting together a kickstarter, and this one is nice. The stretch goals being kickstarter exclusive are a bit disappointing. Now, that gets more people to back, so I don’t blame them, but a special scenario and the bit more of the stuff, I don’t love it as it is game play focused. Now, that bothered me less on other campaigns, so not a big knock.

I also like that this is built off of a very popular game of theirs. I think that the game sounds fascinating and having these scenarios that might somehow tie together is really interesting. Plus, I’m a sucker for detective/puzzle games.

Back or Brick?

I don’t want to call it a brick, but I’ve given myself two options so this is a brick for me. First, I know that a lot of it will be hitting retail, so I can pick it up there. But beyond that, I haven’t played the base game yet, while I could just jump in here, I kind of want to try that experience first before going to something completely different. I think that this would be a great kickstarter to back and if I was already invested in it, I probably would be leaning towards backing it at least for one of the packs. And I’d highly recommend it to people, because it is cool, again from the demo that I did. Definitely one worth checking out, just not for me at this time.

Is this a brick or a back for you?

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