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Point of Order: Railroad Ink

Now, I could have done this possibly as a Back or Brick with Kickstarter because there is a Green and Yellow box that are up on there right now, however, I’m getting the Red box, so it’s a point of order as that is available right now and not available via Kickstarter.

Railroad Ink is a roll and write game where you are connection various railroad lines and roads together along the edge of the board through various rolled combinations of dice. You’re trying to get as many of them connected as you can, as long sections of rail or roadway as you can and avoid having there be any ends that don’t connect to anything.

Image Source: CMON

It’s a fairly simple game but seems like a lot of fun. I like route building and the spacial reasoning that you’d need for that. It’s been on my radar for a while and just felt like the right time to get this roll and write. It also comes with two mini expansions, one for meteors that you’d have to play and the other for a volcano erupting that you have to work around.

Then when Gloryhoundd YouTube Channel played it a few weeks ago as part of a bunch of game play live streams that they’ve been doing, it felt like the right time to do it and jump on and get the game. Definitely seems like it has good variety and replayability in the dice rolls and with adding in expansions if you want as well. They played at least two different games of it, which is another things, most roll and writes are fast, and this one is definitely still fast as well, so you can play it a few times in a sitting.

Is this a game that’s been on your radar? Do you have it or the blue box original versions, are you in on the kickstarter?

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