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Back or Brick: Ascension Tactics

The heroes of Ascension come to the board as miniatures in this new tactical fighting game.

Source: Kickstarter


  • Based off of a proven system
  • Company has Kickstarter track record
  • Deck building
  • Cool looking minis
  • Demo on Tabletop Simulator


  • Complexity versus simplicity of Deck Building game
  • Price Point
  • Dull dual sided board
  • Theme

Thoughts on the Page

Well laid out page, I like that it wasn’t just a barrage of minis to start the page, and while obviously there are minis it isn’t so over the top that the game only seems to be about the minis with how it’s laid out. And the fact that it seems to stay fairly true to the core of Ascension a deck building game, it is interesting. Speaking of the minis though, they do look good.

I like that they give you a bunch of price points, like I said, I think the entry level is pretty steep, not because it shouldn’t be that, it should be with the number of minis it has, but it’s more considering the system it’s working on. They are clearly doing well with the kickstarter though, but I wondered compared to the price of the original Ascension to the price point of this if it’s a big enough difference to keep people from backing.

Back or Brick

I’m very torn on this one. Do I need a tactical miniatures game? I think it could be cool and I love the game it’s based on, pretty high in my Top 100 games. For me Ascension is just a great introductory deck building game. Right now this is probably a brick for me, but I could see that changing to be a back. Mainly because it is on Tabletop Simulator. Normally I’d call this a try before you buy sort of thing, and I’m hoping it’ll hit retail. So I’ll be giving it a go to see if this is one that I really want to get via Kickstarter. The price point for the type of game, I’m just a bit worried. Give me a $50 standees option with the same shipping costs even and I’d be more tempted. Overall, I’ve gotten massive story driven games for just a bit more all said, so it seems just a bit off to me.

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