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Gencon 2020 – Fantasy Flight In-Flight Report

So, I’m going to do what I did with Frosthaven when that was announced and talked about on videos, I’m doing a video breakdown. This Fantasy Flight In-Flight report is normally a big deal, kind of a kick-off for Gencon to find out what Fantasy Flight has coming up. This time they had to do it digitally and while that didn’t work properly, we do have the video up on Youtube.

We start off with basically a video package of all the games that Fantasy Flight has and has had and is working on fairly actively.

Then we get an introduction to the video by Chris Gerber, the head of FFG Studio.

We’re getting deep dive live streams starting today for the new games, expansions, etc. now through Sunday.

Image Source: Fantasy Flight

John Shaffer was up next talking about miniatures games.

  • Updated Points for building team for X-Wing
  • Working on solo rules for X-Wing
  • New ships coming out in September
  • New Tie-Fighter and Rise of Skywalker ships in October
  • Four new ships from the Clone Wars, including Jango Fetts ship, available in November
  • X-Wing product stream today at 3 PM Central
  • Two force wielding characters, Anakin Skywalker and Darth Maul for Legion
  • Release for the characters in November
  • More options for Clone Wars teams as well
  • Four new droids for core units
  • Republic gets more clones to add to their side
  • These have a January 2021 release date
  • Legion Live stream Saturday at 4 PM Central – GenCon Twitch Channel
  • Announcing Clone Wars coming to Armada!
  • Cool little teaser video for what is coming
  • Obviously we are getting Galactic Republic and Separatists
  • Faction specific pack for Galactic Republic, kind of an introductory box for new players if you want.
  • Republic Fighters expansion pack
  • Separatists fleet starter as well
  • Separatists Fighters as well
  • Dials pack basically is the additional stuff you might need for a bigger set
  • Upgrade card pack to standardize their upgrade cards
  • All to be released in December
  • Live Friday at 9 AM Central
Image Source: Fantasy Flight

That’s it for miniature announcements, that’s a lot of them. And now I’m very tempted by the Armada Clone Wars Starters.

Now board and card game announcements –

  • Talking about Mass Mutations which was just released and talking about the features in that
  • Keyforge Dark Tidings is announced, a new Keyforge Set
  • 250 brand new cards in it
  • Introducing a new house, The Unfathomable, sounds
  • Replacing House Dis
  • High and Low Tide Mechanic to add a new mechanic
  • Will be a push pull to keep the High tide on your side
  • Evil Twin Decks, dark reflections of an existing deck
  • Altered evil twin versions of the normal cards from the existing deck
  • Dark Tidings is coming February 2021
  • Arkham Horror Time
  • The Arkham line is going to Innsmouth
  • Underdark Waves and Innsmouth Conspiracy for Arkham Horror and Arkham Horror LCG already announced
  • Announcing Arkham Horror LCG mythos packs announced
  • Bless and Curse tokens in Arkham LCG
  • Vehicles added
  • Begins in November
  • War of the Outer Gods scenario pack
  • December release date
  • Aconyte Books releasing more stories, mentioned in this section
Lord of the Rings: Journeys in Middle Earth
Image Source: Fantasy Flight
  • Journeys in Middle Earth time
  • Talking about Shadowed Paths Expansion that’s already been released
  • Two new products
  • Haunting of Dale digital campaign is going to be available in the app
  • Dwellers in Darkness figure pack
  • Both are set for release in October
  • Hinting that in 2021 Middle Earth is Going to War
Image Source: Fantasy Flight Games
  • Legend of the Five Rings
  • Temptations Cycle Announced
  • Resolves around each clan having something that they’ll go after no matter the cost
  • Adding in a Dire keyword
  • Starting in November for the release cycle
  • Two new Role Playing Products
  • Fields of Victory and Blood of the Lioness
  • Rules for mass battle for military themed campaigns in Fields of Victory
  • Blood of the Lioness is an adventure book
  • March 2021 for the RPG release
  • These will be the last two released by FFG
  • More on that on Noon Central on Friday stream
  • Marvel Champions, what I have been waiting for
  • Reminders that Hulk is releasing in August, plus Rise of Red Skull in September, and October Kang
  • New Heroes, following Kang release
  • Ant-Man, Wasp, Quicksilver, Scarlet Witch
  • Ant-Man and Wasp – Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch synergize
  • Next campaign expansion, Galaxy Most Wanted
  • 5 new scenarios and Rocket Raccoon and Groot
  • The Collector and Ronan the Accuser n Galaxies Most Wanted
  • Expansion for Twilight Imperium 4th Edition
  • Prophecy of Kings
  • This is new mechanics and things
  • 7 New Factions
  • Forty new system and hyperlane tiles
  • Player count can expand up to 8 players
  • 3 new leaders for every faction
  • And new mech units adding fire power to planetary battles
  • And many new extra cards
  • November release date
  • More information Unboxing Friday at 3 PM Central
  • New Marvel game announced
  • Dice game to complete missions, showdown against villains, etc
  • Mutants in the game as the characters you’ll be playing
  • Marvel X-Men: Mutant Insurrection is the name of the game
  • Cooperative game for 1-6 players
  • It has Gambit in it, that’s all you really need to know, or at least I do
  • Rogue, Storm, Cyclops, Wolverine and More
  • 8 different plots, each featuring an iconic X-Men threat
  • Release in Q1 for 2021
  • Demo Sunday at 9 AM Central live stream
  • The End?
  • Massive massive massive massive Descent Box! Descent 3rd Edition Teased!

So, clearly there is a lot that’s been announced, including two new games, though the one was just teased with Descent at the very end, in a fun way. But I’m excited mainly for more Marvel Champions and Marvel X-Men: Mutant Insurrection as well, because I want to play Gambit.

What announcement has you the most excited? I’m really tempted now by some of the new Armada stuff announced, and all of this makes me want to get Arkham Horror LCG and regular Arkham Horror back to the table to catch-up to where they are now. And if you don’t have time to watch the video, at least look at the last few seconds to see how massive that Descent box is!

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