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Point Of Order: Kind Of – Patchwork & Fox in the Forest Duet

So this is kind of a point of order article, because the games are already here, and I didn’t order them, but they are new to me, so I want to talk about what’s interesting in them that I’m excited for. These games were given to my by Kristen for my birthday yesterday.

Patchwork Doodle

Now, as you’ve seen, I enjoy roll and write or flip and write games. The mechanics of them are generally pretty interesting, and compared to a lot of board games, they tend to be more zen in playing them. And Patchwork Doodle seems like that as well.

In this game you are filling polyomino shapes to create a patchwork quilt. You’re looking to make the largest square area on your quilt that is completely filled in. You get the size of the square, so 4×4 is 16 points, plus any additional rows to the square (or columns). So if you had a 4×6 area for your scoring, you’d get 4×4 plus 2 additional points for 18. This is done three times and you fill in more and more as you go. You also then, at the end of the game have to subtract any spots that aren’t filled in on your board, so if you’ve filled in all but 8 spots, that is 8 points that you lose. The highest total score is the winner.

In concept, this reminds me a lot of some other games that I have, like Second Chance or even Cartographers where you are filling in as much of an area as you can. What I like about this is that what shape you fill in is going to be known but you don’t know for sure what shape you’ll use, because there will always be one, or maybe two, left over at the end of each round. Plus, there are some simple special powers that you can use if a shape doesn’t work for you. I’m really excited to play this one soon because it seems like a pretty and relaxing game.

Fox In The Forest Duet

So I know less about this game, as I have Fox in the Forest, but I haven’t played it yet. Fox in the Forest Duet is based off of that trick taking game, but it’s different because while Fox in the Forest is a competitive trick taking game for two players where you are balancing the tricks taken so that you don’t take too many, Fox in the Forest Duet is a cooperative trick taking game.

In the game you are trying to take tricks to move your token along a path and collect gems with a total of 22 gems being needed for a win over five different rounds. You do this by taking tricks and the winning card will have fox feet on it and that’s how far you move forward and if you land by a gem you collect one. So it’s a balancing act of knowing when to play out a really good card to move to the right spot and when to let the other player take the trick because it’ll move things well for you. I like the idea of this balancing act where you don’t always want to take a trick because it might not be better for the group, and it’s a quick trick taking game. Too many trick taking games that try and do something clever or add in more theme end up being bloated and taking so long doing the same thing over and over again that it isn’t fun to do anymore after a couple of rounds, whereas this is going to play much faster.

I’m really interested in both of these games because they do stuff that I like. Have you played either of them before, do either of them sound interesting to you?

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