Back or Brick: Cartographers Heroes

Back or Brick: Cartographers Heroes

Make a map of the lands in this flip and write game based off in the Roll Player world by Thunderworks Games.


  • Established company
  • Established Game
  • Good Price and Great Shipping (to US)
  • No Stretch Goals


  • No Stretch Goals
  • Pseudo Kickstarter Exclusive Content

The Page

This is a well laid out Kickstarter. Thunderworks Games has done a lot of them before with their various games in the Roll Player line and universe. So it’s expected of them.

Also expected is that there won’t be any stretch goals, which is something that is interesting. Now, I don’t think that stretch goals are needed on a campaign, and in fact sometimes Stretch Goals don’t work well, such as when they are an additional buy that is unlocked at some point in time or along those lines. But I find it a little bit interesting that they don’t do any. Again, they never do, so it’s not a surprise, this game just feels like it would be easy enough to add in a few simple ones, like alternate art monsters or heroes that wouldn’t affect timeline but would be a kickstarter bonus. But I’d prefer no stretch goals to lots of them that inflate the cost.

Overall, though, well laid out page, they explain what the new things are, they do a solid job of telling you what you get in the different levels and they lay out what shipping is.

The Game

I already know that I like the game, or at least I like the original, Cartographers. So what I’m really looking at is additional content for this game and what this adds.

It is adding heroes, which are interesting because they are defeat monsters. Normally there was only one way to deal with monsters, just building around them, so now it’ll be interesting to see how the heroes interact, it’s a simple addition though, and they work very similar to monsters in how they are added into the game, so it doesn’t make the complexity go up massively.

The other thing is additional maps. Each of them adds an additional element to the game. One adds in volcanos that will destroy spots you can fill in or possibly have filled in. One has islands, so you can’t create as big groups potentially and will change scoring that way. The final one has an undercity, so you have normal rules for above ground, but underground, everything has to branch/tunnel out instead of being able to be put anywhere. These seem like nice little variations on the game.

Back or Brick

This is an easy back for me, after seeing what was going to be “exclusive” to the Kickstarter. If nothing had been exclusive, I would have been less likely to back. And even that, I put quotes around stuff, because Thunderworks themselves will be selling some of it, while supplies last. So, for me it made a lot of sense to back. Especially with the big box that will store everything. That’ll be nice because it’ll take up less space on the Kallax for me. I also know the track record of the company with their other games, which I’ve played Roll Player and Cartographers as well as Roll Player Adventure playtesting at GenCon, and I like them all.

How about for you, is this game a Back or a Brick?

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