Back or Brick: Atlantis Rising: Monstrosities (2nd Edition Reprint)

Back or Brick: Atlantis Rising: Monstrosities (2nd Edition Reprint)

Can you escape from the lands of Atlantis as the waters rise in this cooperative board game from Elf Creek Games.


  • Known game
  • Great production quality
  • Existing KS Board Game Company
  • Cooperative
  • Price/Shipping


  • Base game has been available not via Kickstarter

The Page

This is a company, Elf Creek Games, working with the likes of Lucky Duck Games and others, that knows how to do a KS page. However, they do get knocked for my normal thing. While I understand how to play Atlantis Rising, I’m curious about the game play of that and how the expansion content will work. That information isn’t easy to find on the page. Add in the fact that the base game has some hype, but limited availability, there should have been more easier ways to find information on game play, higher up on the page. Once you get to it, after you get past the pledge levels and components, it’s laid out well for the expansion stuff.

They also have done an amazing job of making this game look outstanding. Vincent Dutrait’s artwork is amazing. And the pieces, even in the base game are really nice. The upgrade pieces look even better, which they should, but no matter what you pick the game would stand out on your table.

The Game (and Expansion)

This is a game that has been on my radar for a while, so I know a fair amount about it, and The Dice Tower did a nice playthrough for the original Kickstarter for the game. I like that you can push out further onto the prongs of Atlantis, closer to where the waters are rising and get better actions, but if you do that, there is a chance that you won’t get any action because that land will disappear beneath the waves and that the board actually shrinks as you play.

I love the fact that it’s cooperative. I’m obviously a fan of cooperative games. This one ticks that box and it doesn’t seem like it’s going to end up being too easy as of how it is going to play out over multiple plays, which is what I’m generally looking for in a cooperative game. I want to win a cooperative game, for it to stay very interesting to me, 50% of the time or less, with the exception of narrative based games, your Gloomhavens and the likes that have campaigns, this game isn’t that type, so it looks challenging.

As for the expansions, because really that’s what this Kickstarter is about, I think that they all look like they add in some interesting things. The one part that does concern me is what it adds for 1-3 players. I could see playing this solo or at a player count of two, because my wife enjoys cooperative games generally. So I worry that I might “need” the expansion for that 1-3 player count in order to get the full enjoyment out of the game. On BGG it is recommended at all player counts, though it says that 4 is best.

Back or Brick

I’m torn on this one. The price is very fair for the expansion and the base game, in the US it is $79 plus $7 for shipping for a game that by itself looks like it should retail in that $70-75 dollar range or more. Right now the secondary market, because it is sold out is selling it for $120 or so on Board Game Geek for the standard edition, which is a ton. So is this a back or a brick for me? I think that this is a Back, if you like the idea of this game, this is a great chance to get it and the expansion without having to try and hunt it down. And the upgraded pieces look extremely nice, so if you want a shot at that. Atlantis Rising is a game that I could definitely see adding to my collection.

For you, is this game a back or a brick?

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