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When doing lists for different types of board gamers, that is easy for me, I’ve got a lot of games that I love and recommend. But I don’t want to just do board game lists, I want to come up with things for people who are nerds in a lot of different ways, so today we’re looking for gifts for a book lover.

Book Ends

Now, this sounds kind of silly, but let me explain. There are book ends out there that are nice simple metal ones, those are cheap. Anything fancier, not nearly as cheap. Someone might not splurge on something like that for themselves, but it is a great idea to gift for someone. There are a lot of different options you could go with. I’ve gotten ones that you put together, just a CNC cut thing where it’s two flat pieces of wood that slot together to make the L shape for holding up books, plus then a cut of the Fellowship of the Ring as the brace. So you can find a number of things like that which are great because you can tailor it to the type of book that someone likes. We also have some heavier ones, one with cats reaching up onto books and another the top of a castle with a dragon sitting on it. So you have a ton of options and it’s a luxury item, which makes it something that a book lover would love to get, but might not for themselves.

Book Darts

Another one of those accessory items, and this could be book marks as well, but book darts are just cooler. These are little metal clips that slide onto a page of a book. You can use them as a book mark and just mark at the top of the page where you stopped, or you can use the pointier side of the book dart and slide it along the side of the page to mark what paragraph and what side of the page you stopped on. This is something that’d be a great stocking stuffer for a book lover.

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A Series Set

This could be given in a few different ways. There are some book series that come on a box set, so you could do that, or there are others that you can just get the person all matching books. I know, for example, my Dresden Files and Harry Potter are not all the same, some are short paperbacks, some are tall paperbacks and some are hard cover. If you know what a person has, you can help them get a more consistent collection just be giving a book that’ll match what they have the most of or what they like the best. This one won’t be for everyone, but swapping books in and out like that will please some people as everything will look more aesthetically pleasing. And if you can find an older boxed or matching set of some of the books, that’s a bonus too.

Special Edition/Early Edition

For someone who loves books, there are versions of books out there that they might be interested in, but just won’t be something they buy, because either they cost more or since they already have the book they don’t feel like they should get it again. Find those special editions, and by that I don’t mean the movie tie-in covers. But I’m talking about the hard cover with the embossed, the one with special art pieces in the book, if it’s an older book, look for an older printing of it. Things like that again are those luxury items that someone might not buy for themselves but that they’ll probably be drooling over and wishing that they could get. Now, be aware, first editions, or some of the fancy editions of books can get to be quite spendy, but even just something that is nicely bound and has a good spine edge on it, that’ll work if it’ll standout and highlight a book on the shelf.

Book Bag

Now, when I say this, it can be two things, it can be a bag for carrying your books, but they also do book printed bags that you could certainly carry books in, but you could also use for shopping, for a day trip, going to be beach, whatever. But they have nerdy or book things on them. My wife has a bag that she has used for crafting that has an image on it made from the words of the a book. So like a scene from Pride and Prejudice that is all just words laid out in order, from Pride and Prejudice to make that shape. Or you can find some with artwork from the book on them. Or maybe a pithy quote or just a quote in general from their favorite book on it. I’d stay away from the more generic ones just because fairly often those are just too cutesy or could miss the mark for the person than something that is directly tied to a book.

There are way more options you could look at as well for someone who loves books. I will say, books themselves, like a new book for a person, are tricky unless you really know the person. I’m a big fan of literature, but there are some things that I just don’t want or care about in terms of books and I know that I’ll be apt to just read them and then sell them used, or if it doesn’t come off the shelf for a long time, just sell. So know your audience, and I like the idea of helping make someone’s books more unique, uniform, whatever by giving them something that they might not get for themselves, like an early edition or a special printing of a book.

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