2021 Movies – Back to the Theaters

I’m excited to get back to the theaters in 2021, I’m not sure when that will be, but I hope that the first film I see in the theaters will be a Marvel film. I know I will likely see a limited number, so when I say back to the theaters, it means most likely the ones that I’ll watch on demand.

Black Widow

Like I said, I hope the first one I see in theaters in a Marvel film, and hopefully all the Marvel films make it to the theater. I’m hoping that Black Widow will be as awesome as it looks. What I’m really curious is what the film will be setting up for phase 4. I think that it feels like it should have a lot that it sets up, I’m hoping hinting at a villain or a character or some sort, throughout the film.

Shang Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings

More Marvel, no doubt that was going to happen. When they announced more of the cast, I thought that it looked really good. And we know that the plot is going to be some sort of tournament, and if there’s a lot of awesome martial arts, that’s a great thing. I also like that it’s a completely new character to me. I know he’s in the comics, but I haven’t really run across him, so it’s cool to have something that feels so new.

The Eternals

I mean, even more Marvel, no shock there. And out of all of them coming out, I think I’m most interested in this one. Though Shang Chi is close. The Eternals has a massive cast, and a really interesting cast. I’m curious to see another team show up. And what Neil Gaiman wrote, I thought it was really interesting. I’ve checked it out a few times and it’s been really good each read with new things that I pick up. I don’t know what they are doing for the story as well, which is interesting, but I hope it brings in some of what Gaiman wrote.

Ghostbusters: Afterlife

I’m always interested in a Ghostbusters. I do need to see the last one, but I’m always just kind of interested in it. I like Paul Rudd, and it has a pretty unique looking cast. I hope that it keeps some of the awkward goofiness that the originals have. I mean, basically the first one is great, and the second one is good, but it is made by the actors. So I’m hoping this one will be as well.

Raya and the Last Dragon

An animated fantasy film from Disney, this one looks really interesting and unique. The clip that they showed for D3 was great. I don’t know a ton about it but interesting concept, some magic and fantasy, it is really interesting.


My main question for this film is will Morbius show up in Spider-Man 3. It seems like they are sticking everything in there. I suspect that movie will be a mess, I have yet to see Venom either. but Morbius is an interesting for Sony to go with. This is definitely a checkout after the fact. I am not sure that this will be good, but it probably will be entertaining.

Tomb Raider 2

I loved the first Tomb Raider. I thought the story was good for a video game movie. Alicia Vikander knocked it out of the park as Lara Croft, and it had such a feeling of the video game, which has a good story as well. I am actually a bit shocked that this is getting a sequel and I wouldn’t be surprised if this one is pushed back from it’s March 19th projected opening.

Godzilla vs Kong

I like both of the Godzilla movies. I think that the first was better, but the second, Godzilla: King of the Monsters, wasn’t bad either. I love the idea of Godzilla and King Kong facing off, and then I’d guess teaming up against some other monster. Now, how crazy must a monster be if those two need to team up, who knows, but I’m excited to see.

Image Source: Legendary Pictures


Yet another film that got moved from it’s 2020 release date. I like the book, though I have trouble getting through it. And the cast looks amazing for Dune. I’m curious after several attempts at it being made before it if it will be as good as the trailer made it look, but I’m really hoping it will be epic and grand, like it looks like it should be.

Spider-Man 3

Even more Marvel, I forgot that this is now slated for December of 2021. I am really looking forward to this movie. This movie seems like it is going to be nuts. We are getting so many actors reprising their roles, I talked about it on 10 Minute Marvel two weeks ago. I want to see what will happen with three different Spider-man actors on the screen, I’m hoping all at once.

Mortal Kombat

Let me be very clear, I expect that this film will be hot garbage. But I also expect that it’ll be really entertaining. I like that it’s not a big name cast, and I am interested in what influence James Wan will have on it, because of his involvement with the Saw franchise. But really, I just want this to be a dumb and entertaining film with some cool fights.

Now, besides the four Marvel films, probably won’t see any of those in theaters, but I do want to see them all. I’m hoping that there’ll be some other sleeper hits that I need to checkout. I still need to see the likes of Knives Out from this past year and maybe Tenet though anything that Christopher Nolan does I’m only kind of interested in, which I know is shocking.

What movie are you looking forward to seeing in 2021?

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