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Paper Dungeons Play Through Games 3 & 4

So, a bit a ago, I got in two games of Paper Dungeons by Alley Cat Games over on Malts and Meeples. Last night, I wasn’t sure what I wanted to play, but I didn’t want it to take too long to get to the table. So I decided to just grab Paper Dungeons down again and get in another game of it. Well, two games actually, and one was not so great while the other was amazing.

The Game – Paper Dungeons

This is a roll and write dungeon crawling game by Alley Cat Games. As you play, you level up your heroes, explore the dungeon, fight the boss monsters, and take out minions. Plus even more with getting potions, crafting items, and trying to complete objectives all to get the highest score possible.

Let’s talk a bit about the campaign and a bit of discussion that happened in the chat, and then on the GlroyHoundd Discord server after the stream. If you want to continue chatting with me after the stream that’s basically always the spot.

But with Paper Dungeons, it bills itself as a campaign. But it is only kind of a campaign. Nothing you do in a previous game carries over, there is only a little bit of flavor text between. Now, that is nice, in some ways, because I might not want to play a campaign. I probably have played 4 to 6 other times without the campaign, just grabbing a set-up and playing. That is a nice feature, but I wish the campaign was more in depth. So time to come up with something that does that for me.

The Drink

Last night it was a beer from Pryes in Minneapolis. Their Pragmatic Pilsner is just fine. Though, the beer revelation from last night was that even if it’s a good beer, I’d prefer to have that foam up than just an okay beer. When it’s just an okay beer, now I have the annoyance of it foaming over with drinking an okay beer. If it’s a good beer, I still, at least, get the experience of drinking a good beer.

Upcoming Streaming

I think I’m going to continue with more Paper Dungeons, but with how easy it is to set-up and play, that might move to Monday nights. Then on Wednesdays, I keep on saying that I’m going to play a bigger campaign. So I need to pull one off the shelf and learn it. Though, I do have Hadrian’s Wall which I might show off for a solo play as well.

But I do promise, eventually I’ll get to a campaign again and it’ll be fun when it happens. I might even do Welcome to the Moon as a shorter campaign game that is easy to get to the table Maybe I’ll knock out two roll and write games because they are also good to chat through. Let me know your thoughts down in the comment section below.

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