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18 Holes Course Architect and Splitter

Last night it was time to test out a new camera. I’ll give you a warning, the test is not great. The new camera is not one that is going to be ideal for me, but that is why I tested it out. But that means that some elements of the stream are a bit out of focus. I talk through all that I am doing and you can generally tell, but let’s just say, it won’t be used on Wednesday. But I did get two games to the table, 18 Holes Course Architect and Splitter.

The Games – 18 Holes Course Architect and Splitter


Let’s quickly talk about Splitter since I’ve played that one before. You can see with my other stream where I was running into other technological issues that this game just doesn’t like to get played.

My issue with the game, the amount of luck, is definitely still a factor. I think even 3-4 times where you are allowed to adjust a number by 1, up or down, would make the game better. Mainly because if you can’t complete something like a group of sixes, it’s because you rolled poorly, not because of poor strategy.

18 Holes Course Architect

18 Hole Course Architect also has some of the same issues where there can just be a lot of luck in the game. You play with one card that you can swap out a single die roll in the game. However, the rules for placement are much looser so you get to make more meaningful.

In 18 Hole Course Architect you are building out a golf course. There are certain spots that are blocked off, the more the more points for you. And then you are trying to complete as many holes connected together as you can. As well as get them to their desired par to score points. You really don’t play the course, which I think you do in the other 18 Holes game.

First impressions with two plays. I think it’s a solid roll and write game. There is a bit more going on and a bit more luck to it. But if you can plan out well you can score well in the game. So there is strategy to what you are doing.

Upcoming Streams

Upcoming on Wednesday it is going to be more Lands of Galzyr. Bumir will be off adventuring across the lands, completing quests and hopefully doing well. Join me at 8 PM Central for that game play over on Malts and Meeples.

Then next Monday, it is likely going to be back to the previous camera set-up but I’m considering different cameras for streaming. So Might have a new one ready to test out. If you have advice, let me know. But one of the games I’m looking at playing is Welcome to the Moon.

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