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Back or Brick: Marvel United Multiverse

I haven’t done a Back or Brick in a while. There is a dead time on Kickstarter, Gamefound, and Backerkit over the holidays. But we’re back now with the first huge game of the year. Of course that game is from CMON and it is Marvel United Multiverse. More content for the Marvel United board game that they’ve already done two Kickstarters for.

To follow along with the campaign or back it yourself, you can use the link here.

How to Play Marvel United

So, I have already talked about and reviewed Marvel United before, but that was just the base game. Let’s quickly recap that and then talk about the new stuff.

Marvel United is a cooperative game where you take a team of heroes up against a villain. The heroes all have their decks of cards and you want to defeat the villain. But before you can interact with the villain you need to complete a couple of objectives. Either take out their schemes, defeat thugs, or rescue bystanders. Once you have done two, you can interact and beat down the villain.

All of this is done playing down cards. You use cards to move, punch, or do heroic actions. Each card has one or two symbols and maybe a power. You use your special powers, but also the actions on your card and the card before. So with good teamwork you can setup powerful actions or attacks to defeat the bad guy.

What’s New?

So, there isn’t a ton new in this one. I say that meaning game play. There is a ton new in characters already added to the game. And there will be expansions as well to add in more characters you can play. But there are two new things to talk about.

The first one is equipment. Equipment are basically cards that you can get into play and keep in play and use. They might even start in play, I forget the exact details. But basically powerful things that you can do. For example, Gambit gets playing cards, Magik gets her sword, Captain America gets his shield, other things like that. Now, that throws off the balance of the game, so to play with them, you remove the double wild symbol card.

The other thing, and this isn’t that new really, is that you get a big Galactus. Now, it is a smaller Galactus than you could have gotten for Marvel Zombies game that CMON did. But one that is going to have it’s own type of scenario around it.

Why Don’t You Need It?

Changing this up slightly from what works and what doesn’t work. I think that why you don’t need it and why you do make more sense for a Kickstarter campaign.

This is pretty easy and two simple reasons why you don’t need it. Firstly, it is more content for a game that already has a ton of content. The two original boxes, Marvel United and Marvel United X-Men, I believe, come with over 200 villains, heroes, and combo characters. This one is going to add to that number. You won’t play it all.

The second, and probably easier reason, is if you know you don’t like cooperative games or light games. Now, Marvel United X-Men allowed you to play as the villains. And that system will work here as well, from what I know. So you can turn it into a one versus all game. But it doesn’t add to the complexity of the game.

Why Do You Need It?

Firstly, it is more content. Yes, I know that is one of the reasons that you don’t need it. But Marvel United is a simple plug and play game. It doesn’t matter which heroes or which villains I grab, it takes minutes to get to the table. So more content doesn’t make it harder to play. Harder to transport, sure, but not harder to play.

Next, if you love Marvel. The first two gave us a few oddball characters. But for the most part, they were a little bit more common. We’ve had some more common characters, but we’re also getting the Starjammers crew right now. And for a lot of people that is going to be a team that they don’t know. Or we are getting the Wrecking Crew, you might barely know that from the She Hulk show.

Finally, this is a good game to play with family. Now, is this maybe the spot to jump in on it? I’m not sure, more expansions are coming to retail so it might be worth getting it that way. And you can get it sooner. But the value of a CMON campaign is generally very good, you get a ton of characters as stretch goals, even if you back at the lowest level. So you’ll get a ton of content at a better price that way.

Back or Brick – Marvel United Multiverse

No suspense here, it is a Back for me. Now, I already own everything for it. And I make a Marvel Podcast. So I love Marvel content. In fact I’ve been reading a Marvel comic every night before I go to bed as a challenge to try and read 365 issues this year. Clearly this campaign is for me.

But how about for you? Is this a Back or a Brick? To get everything it is not going to be cheap. And if you already have even one of the previous Kickstarters, do you need more content? Let me know.

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