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Bargain Basement Bathysphere and Featherlight – Game Play

We were testing out the next system yesterday and it worked perfectly. So time to get streaming some more board games. I played three times last night, two different games. Both games, Bargain Basement Bathysphere and Featherlight from WizKids. So let’s see how they both play.

The Games – Bargain Basement Bathysphere and Featherlight

Bargain Basement Bathysphere

This one I was not so sure on basically because of the very long name. But turned out to be a pretty fun game, I enjoyed it once I got into the swing of it because of how fast the game goes. In this game you are taking your barrel submarine down to the depths of the ocean to get treasure, rescue people, and who knows what else.

I say who knows what else because it’s a campaign or scenario based game. So the further you get into the game, more rules and things change in the game, but the core mechanic is going to stay the same. And I like the core mechanic loop of the game. It is very simple. You roll the dice, and then you use those dice to move. But you can always spend oxygen, one of your resources, to roll again. And when you’re out of dice you have to do that.

Then it’s just about how you navigate the pitfalls that the game throws at you. Are you taking damage which can reduce the number of dice that you have? Or you spending oxygen too quickly or taking too much stress? The game gives you some good ways to deal with that, but ways that you need to think about what you are doing.


Featherlight is a light game as it suggests but different, I think, than what I was expecting. I was expecting more of a basic set collection sort of game with the feathers. But there is good strategy and a lot to think about as you play the game. You need to try and set-up your hand and the nest to score you points.

In the solo game it is randomized easily how cards in the nest are covered up. So that made the solo game play really simple. Now, that could mean more randomness or less ability to plan around what your opponent is doing. But that is okay, because the game is fast. Considering that it was three new game plays, I got through it all in 35 minutes or so.

Featherlight gives me a bit of a feel of a Village Green sort of game. And it makes me want to try Marvel Remix, the Fantasy Realms based game, where you have that limited number of cards and are trying to build the best scoring hand. I think I got lucky and built a really good hand for the first game. But then again, that’s not based off of anything, other than it felt good to me.

Upcoming Streams

So, Wednesday, Lands of Galzyr time. We’ll see how far we get into the first month, but my plan will be to do some of the set-up for the game, picking character, etc., during this first stream. And then we’ll be diving into at least a few months, in game and probably out of game of Lands of Galzyr. So join me at 8 PM Central for that.

And then on Monday, my plan is more small solo games. I recently got Star Trek Super-Skill Pinball, so that is an option. Or I have some other games, Bullet Star, Imperium Legends, or others that I could break out as well. Monday streams start at 8:30 PM Central time.

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