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Lands of Galzyr – Game 1

It’s time to adventure into a new world on Malts and Meeples. Today it’s the Lands of Galzyr from Snowdale Design. This vibrant world of animals comes to life in a choose your own adventure style game. What story awaits Bumir, my polecat, as he explores the lands, takes on quests, and finds adventures around every corner?

The Game – Lands of Galzyr

I referred to Lands of Galzyr as a choose your own adventure, so let’s talk about that element of the game. Because it is very much that in many ways. In Lands of Galzyr you travel around and you interact with an exploration journal. And that exploration journal is the main part of the game.

Now, I know some people won’t like that there is an app or website for this. It does limit how long the game might potentially be playable. Granted, it doesn’t likely limit it for a long enough time that you can enjoy and experience it. But also the website makes the interactions in the game that much smoother. The benefit of the website is that it can naturally load and branch the story without having to take you to a different passage or page. So I appreciate it, I do prefer when games have both options, physical book and website or app, but that’d be a lot for Lands of Galzyr.

The Story

But back tot he choose your own adventure part. The story is not too high stakes, so the choices you make feel like you get to make choices. What do I mean by that? Often times in dungeon crawlers or campaign games, you want to make the right choice. If you make the wrong choice it’s going to make the game go poorly. Well, in this, you make the choice that you want to make because the stakes aren’t as high.

Overall, to start, the story is a ton of fun. And I feel like I am only going to scratch the surface of the game. Now, if I were playing it again, there are elements like Bumir’s story that might only change so much. But the rest of the quests that I’m doing so poorly at, those might change up even more because of how many different ones you can start with.

The Mechanics

And then there are the mechanics of the game. It is very simple. Now, this is going to be a negative for some people. So much of the game simply comes down to picking the skill that is best for you and rolling the dice. Even when you are good at it, you have maybe 3 dice that give you a 1/3 chance of rolling the symbol and 2 that give you a 1/6. So the odds are never amazing.

But it matches the rest of the game. If it were more mechanically complex, it would feel like it takes away from the story. When I first looked into this game, after the crowdfunding campaign, and saw it played, I realized that it is meant to be a very relaxing game. And the mechanics match up with that. You roll your dice and if it goes wrong, you just lose your quest or thread you’re following, you don’t have massively bad things happen to you.

Upcoming Streams

So, upcoming streams, next Wednesday, and I’ll probably play around 6 games of Lands of Galzyr, I’ll be streaming again. 8 PM Central. If you want to see what else happens with Bumir, you can join me then. I’ll try and get the video links up this week but no guarantee that’ll happen.

And on Monday, 8:30 PM Central, I’m going to be gaming again. Though there is a chance that I’m going to start going through my shelves, looking at my collection and maybe see about getting rid of a few games again. What games have been on my shelf for a long time. Though, I don’t know that I’ll stream it all, so gaming of some sort, a smaller solo game. And eventually a video on games leaving my collection.

And as always, if you want to know when I go live, you can subscribe and click the notification bell.

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