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Slay the Spire – Game Play 5

With my camera stuff not working correctly on Wednesday, I went to play some more Slay the Spire. This video game does really have a board game feel, and I dove back in with the Ironclad to see what else I could unlock for them, and how a climb of the tower would go.

The Game – Slay the Spire

Let’s talk about why Slay the Spire has such a board game feel to it. The obvious thing is the deck building aspect of the game. As you beat each level in the tower, you are getting rewards. And among those rewards is the choice of three cards. You then pick one of those cards to add to your deck.

This isn’t standard deck building, in some ways. When I face off against a monster I get my choice of those three cards without thoughts on which one costs the most or anything like that. I just get to pick one and add it to my deck. The cost aspect has been removed from the game. Though, the cost aspect then exists again when you go to the market to buy cards, because it is outside of the combat missions.

I think it is a good set-up though for the game. The cost of getting a card, even if it’s a rare gold card, is that you’ve done battle. And sometimes it might be that you get lucky, or others getting a lousy card, if you decide to take one, comes from a hard battle. But, the deck building allows the dungeon to progress. The battles get harder, and the cards you get make you feel up to the task.

Upcoming Streams

So, this is coming out later than normal. I preferably put out this article on Thursday, the day after I stream, but I forgot. So, today, at 8:30 PM, I am going to be streaming some game. Now, my Monday streams are generally more conversation and a lighter game. So it’ll be some lighter solo game, and I had hoped to learn a new one but that hasn’t happened yet. Plus I need to test out the new equipment.

Assuming that the new equipment is working correctly, on Wednesday I am going to play Lands of Galzyr. This is a bigger campaign style game, though not as campaigned as something like Gloomhaven. So that’s going to be the one that I’m tackling next at 8 PM on Wednesday. I’ll know more tonight if the new equipment is working.

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