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Sprawlopolis – Game Play

New games came in the mail with Sprawlopolis, Rove, and Skulls of Sedlec from Button Shy Games. And the one that I wanted to get to the table first is Sprawlopolis. This one I’ve heard talked about as a great solo game, so after a couple of games before streaming, I decided it would be a good one to get to the table and play. How did Sprawlopolis go last night on Malts and Meeples YouTube?

The Game – Sprawlopolis

Yesterday I wrote about a new game to me Grove. And Grove, Sprawlopolis, and Orchard all fall into somewhat the same category. Games with a few cards and a few components, possibly, where you are laying out the cards to complete patterns, get points. Sprawlopolis and Grove are the two most similar with all of those out of the group.

Whereas Grove is about layering the cards, you want as much overlap as possible. Sprawlopolis might encourage overlap, but might prefer adjacency to other cards depending on your scoring objective. It isn’t about building up dice faces, there are no dice, but instead it looks at scoring objectives and how to complete them.

Sprawlopolis, I think, can take longer to play as well. For one, you play with more cards, so you need to plan 15 cards versus 9 cards in the game. That isn’t that much more time, but you also pick from three cards instead of two when playing. All of these things make it a bit longer and take up a bit more space.

Upcoming Streams

On Wednesday the play is to stream more Lands of Galzyr. You can find that video here. Join me and Bumir at the table as Bumir continues on his quest to become the most famous polecat ever. What adventure awaits us this time and will we find a new status to talk about.

Then on Monday, 8:30 PM Central, it’ll be time for a new game. Well, for another game. I’ll be out of town this upcoming weekend, so I might not be able to learn a new one. But I do have other Button Shy Games, Rove and Skulls of Sedlec which I likely will have learned to get to the table as well. No guarantee I’ll play one of those, but there is a solid chance.

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