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Slay the Spire – Game 8

It’s time to climb again in Slay the Spire and see how well I can do. I’m running with the Defect and well, let’s just say, I got in two climbs so that tells you how one of them went. But how did the other one go, and am I getting close to unlocking everything?

Slay the Spire and other games like it

Let’s instead of talking about Slay the Spire, let’s look at my Steam collection, or I will, and I’ll see what other games I should also get into the mix.

What works so well is that Slay the Spire is a quick run for the game. I got in two runs, and if you made it past the video, the second one I won to unlock the bonus ending stuff for next time I play. But what else could give me that sort of speed. And I have two games in my collection that could work as well.


The first is Inscryption. Now this one is weirder for sure, and the first part of the game is great. You play a battle basically then have a weird interaction and repeat. It’s basically a head to head card battling game. It’s the time between the games, because the games are short, that is so weird and dark and creepy. Then you get to go to another area, unlock more things and play more games, but the style has changed up so much that it lost me at that point as to why I wanted to keep playing it.


The other is Gloomhaven. Of course it is a Gloomhaven but a scenario in digital Gloomhaven, even controlling two characters isn’t as long. Mainly because I got all the setup taken care of for me by the computer. Which means once I get into the game I can just get going. I am considering streaming Gloomhaven as a Monday stream, but we’ll see.

So what other games are out there good for a short run, that hour or less stream where you can get in a full game or scenario and have a good spot to stop at the end? Let me know in the comments below.

Upcoming Streams

So, firstly, vote for the campaign game that I should play next. I suspect I know which one it will be, but vote to help me know what you want to see.

The plan is to start this game next Wednesday, March 29th. So come join me for the start of whatever adventure is going to be waiting for me. That stream will be at 8 PM Central time.

But before that I will have my Monday stream. Monday it is at 8:30 PM Central Time. So join me then to see what smaller board game I might play. Though, I do have an idea for maybe a second campaign game, and just play through some of those other campaign and smaller campaigns faster. We’ll have to see, I can think of one situation where it is going to be work well if I try, so I might.

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