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ISS Vanguard from Awaken Realms- Game Play 8

It was time to dive in again as we finish off a ship phase and launch back onto the planet to see what is left for us to find on Brimstone. Did it go better this time, or did we find something maybe more worrisome than before. Join me as I play more ISS Vanguard over on Malts and Meeples YouTube Channel.

ISS Vanguard Sessions

This isn’t a breakdown of all of the previous sessions, you can check those out over on Malts and Meeples. And I will try and organize things soon over there so that there are playlists that you can go through. But I want to talk about the two phases and what to expect in a gaming session of ISS Vanguard.

How I play it on stream is different than how most people will play it. Most people will probably do a ship phase and a planetary exploration in one evening. And I also think that the speed which I play at is something else to note. Your game sessions, are going to be longer.

Combined Phases

Firstly, the ship phase and planet phase likely will be together. You won’t want to sit down and just do the ship phase and spend an hour doing that but then end up with it being mainly the bookkeeping side of things. Maybe you’ll want to sit down and do a planet by itself, if it takes longer, but not a ship phase.

I also think that in some planet situations, take Brimstone for example, I went back there twice. Why, because it made sense. And I don’t know if I would want to leave and then come back in a whole new sit down session if I weren’t play it on stream the way that I am.

Decision Making

The other thing is that I make decisions quickly. This is generally true in my gaming but very true for ISS Vanguard. There are moments where I slow down, but mainly I make a decision and I complete the actions. Multiplayer is going to take longer. You will discuss what you want to try and do in a round.

What does this all mean? It is just fair warning that your sessions will be longer. And that is fine and expected. Just know that when it comes to ISS Vanguard there will be differences in how you experience the game.

Upcoming Streams

Like I said, ISS Vanguard will be wrapping up here pretty soon. I think. I still love what the game is doing. But the next two weeks for sure will be ISS Vanguard and we’ll see where the story and adventure takes us. 8 PM Central Time on Wednesdays. Though the easiest way to know is by subscribing and clicking that notification bell to know when I put up something new.

And then on Mondays I stream at 8:30 PM normally. I missed this past week because we had to adjust for podcast recording. But the plan is to be back and I want to play Skytear Horde. So expect to see that one getting to the table. And eventually after that a playthrough of My City – Roll and Build as an upcoming stream.

And, again, if you want to know when I go live or a new video goes up (it’s basically always live), please consider subscribing. You can do that here. And click that notification bell on the channel and you’ll always know when I go live.

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