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10 Minute Marvel S3E24: Deadpool 3 and Agatha Rumors

No main topic this week, instead we’re diving into some rumors in the news. Mainly two surrounding Deadpool 3 and Agatha Coven of Chaos. Rumors about what the plot might be, so listen with a little bit of caution. But right now, what we talk about are rumors.

Plus some casting news in the MCU, the Spider-Man 2 video game gets a release date, and the Ultimate version of the comics is coming back. All of that in this weeks 10 Minute Marvel.

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Comments or Questions: Deadpool 3 and Agatha Rumors

First off, I want to know how much stock you put in these rumors? I think often times early versions or general concepts can leak, like with Black Panther: Wakanda Forever, but they aren’t always the end product. Which one of the two is more interesting to you?

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Thank you again for listening, and I’ll see you next time.

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