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Point of Sale: Table Top Market

It was a long weekend for m e, and a pretty busy one when it came to selling board games or culling from my collection. Why? There was a big Table Top Market that happened in the Twin Cities – Minneapolis and St Paul – area. In fact that were two of them, I only sold at one as their times overlapped, but let’s look at what left the collection.

Table Top Market Sales

18 Holes Roll and Write

While I enjoyed my time with this game, it’s competing against a lot of roll and write games. So it is just one that was fun, but didn’t offer enough choices to really make me want to keep it around for sure.

Age of War

Age of War is one that I know someone who owns it, I believe. And it’s a filler game but has an issue that can plague some fillers. While it can go fast, there is no guarantee that it will. It’s dice based, so if you get unlucky, you might be playing a long time.

Ares Expedition: Crisis

Accidentally got two.

Arkham Horror LCG

Accidentally got two.

Black Rose Wars *

The ones with an asterisk are getting sold at my local game store because they didn’t sell at the market. But Black Rose Wars, one that I still want to try but I’ve heard a lot about for good and less good. Mainly that it’s a bear to learn and teach, which has kept it on my shelf for quite some time.


Image Source: Smirk and Laughter

Boop is one that I played a few of times. It’s a super cute abstract game, but not one that I loved. I’m pretty miss on just pure abstracts, but you can see my review here.

Chronicles of Crime *

This is just one that has been over shadowed. If I want to play a story about solving crimes I always go with Detective: A Modern Crime Board Game. So why have two games that do the same thing when I’ll only play one?

Clever Hoch Drei Challenge Sheets

I got two, it was the only way to order them.


An abstract game again, one that I never got around to playing. But it looked fun, but again, if I haven’t played it in years, why keep it.

Cowboy Bebop

Another one that just sat on my shelf for years. I picked it up at Gen Con in 2019 right after I’d watched the show. It’s one that I’ve come back to, but the game while it has a theme that I like isn’t one that I feel the need to play. Plus it’s not the deck building one that I sold.

Descent 2nd Edition

This isn’t the app driven one that I plan on playing still. This is the one versus all version that I got to learn to paint with. I haven’t gotten around to painting, so time to sell it.

Dragonscales *

Dragonscales is a push your luck game. I’ve determined that my group prefers the simple push your luck games that don’t add too much. Incan Gold wasn’t much of a success, so Dragonscales seemed like too much.

Dresden Files Fate Book

An RPG that I haven’t gotten to. I wanted to, because it’s Dresden, but I didn’t.


Probably the shocker among the group. It wasn’t that I wasn’t interested or I’m not interested. I still am. But it’s the campaign game and I need to consider which campaign games I keep. And right now I have a lot more I want to play over it and more coming in. So it’d always be towards the bottom of my list.

Fate Core Book *

RPG system I didn’t play.

Fruit Picking

Fruit Picking
Image Source: Korea Board Games

I think I played Fruit Picking about 10-15 times. And I enjoyed my time with it. It’s not the most complex game, and I feel like I experienced it enough that I don’t need to anymore.

Heroes of Land, Air, and Sea

Covid purchase of the promise of future gaming. But I got another 4X game, and a cooperative one that I’m likely to play over this one.

Kabuto Sumo

Played it, had fun, but had a game that just ended immediately because nothing fell off. So I see the issues with the game, let someone else get it.

King of Tokyo

Bought the bigger box with more monsters included. So it’s a cheat.

Last Heroes *

Honestly, was a game that I ordered to get over $100 for free shipping. So one that was so cheap it was meant to be sold.

Loup Garou

I picked this up at Gen Con in 2019 and never played it. If it’s sitting on my shelf, let someone else get a chance to play it.

Lucky Numbers

Accidentally ordered two.

Mesozooic *

Expansion that I accidentally ordered two of this expansion.

My Hero Academia *

It was on Target clearance and I never got around to playing it.

Paper Tales

One that I ordered, I thought it was Paperback. I’ve heard good things about Paper Tales but when I ordered the wrong game, less interested in playing it. And might as well let someone else who is more excited for it play it.

Point Salad

Got the Korean All Eevees version.


I don’t own the game the promos are for.

Reichbusters *

See Etherfields really. I have too many campaign games and this one was lower on the list.

Relics of Rajavihara

I played through it, it’s a puzzle game. I beat the puzzles, I’m good. I don’t need to keep it around.

Roll to the Top

Roll and write game that I didn’t enjoy. Too much luck for what I want.

Shadows of Normandie

Bought, didn’t play for a long time. Let someone else enjoy it.


Played it a bunch, had fun with it. Just not one that I’ve played in several years. So time to let someone else enjoy it.


A party game that I’m not that apt to pick. So get rid of it, had fun while I had it, but others I like more. And party games tend to rotate a lot for me.


Image Source: Pandasaurus Games

Roll and write game that I didn’t find that I enjoyed enough. One that I won’t need to come back to.

Starship Samurai

Picked it up cheap with the expansion. I maybe could have kept it for the minis for my kid to play with. But it wasn’t a game I was playing.

Super-Skill Pinball

Now, this isn’t the base game. It was the first standalone expansion. I found that if I play, I pick the base game versus the standalone expansion. So do I really need more of it, and I have the Star Trek, the answer is not really.

Star Wars Destiny

Don’t play it, did play it, I like it. And I ended up giving it away to a kid and made his day.


While I enjoy this one, it’s a bit much/complex for how cute the game is. If I want a really cute looking game to play, I also pick others first. Not a bad game at all, though.

Terracotta Army

This was sent to me on accident, and during the process to try and return it, they closed the ticket, so I sold it.

Tiny Towns

One that I enjoy, but I played it a number of times and enjoyed it. But I’ve played it, I feel like with the expansions it isn’t that much different. A good one, but one to let someone else enjoy.

Tiny Turbo Cars

And another game that I played, I enjoyed, but I won’t play it over other racing games. It’s a bit fiddly, and a bit more to learn than I wanted. I might miss the game, but the family who got it will enjoy it more.

Titan Race

Titan Race
Image Source: Board Game Geek

Another racing game and another one that went to a family who will enjoy it. Titan Race is a great little game of fun dice drafting. But I want to play other racing games more.

Truffle Shuffle

A nice little drafting game that works pretty well with two players. But I have 7 Wonders Duel, so I want to play that one more than Truffle Shuffle.

Village Green

Village Green is another one that has been replaced. And I think that’s a common theme, a game that I like, but do I want to play Village Green where it just might never work out well for you, or Village Rails which is a lot of the same thing but a lot more forgiving? I want to play Village Rails.

Warhammer Quest *

Another one in that category of game I owned and didn’t play. And while I kind of want to play it still, it isn’t one that I’m going to go out of my way to play. So let someone else get to play it sounds better to me.

It’s a lot of games. I still have very full shelves, so not like I’m missing those games too much. And when I do this, I always think about how someone else will enjoy those games. And for a lot of them, really all of them, I can get them back when and if I want to play them again. Some might be harder to find than others, but that’s okay, if I really need it back for some reason I can get it back.

Now, it’s time for me to play more new games.

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