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Slay the Spire – Game 9

So, officially have a plan as to when I’m going to play The Isofarian Guard. With two days off next week at the start, I’m going to learn it then. Instead of doing a game today, I was a bit slow as was my kid in letting me get ready to stream, I played Slay the Spire.

Slay the Spire or Other Games to Stream

Thus far my plan has been to only stream Slay the Spire. In a lot of ways Slay the Spire is built for streaming. A run takes about an hour. You saw that I moved through things quickly this time, I got two runs in, with one of them being short. The other I made it to the end, and it was just over an hour. So that’s kind of the target length I’d want.

Now, I know I can pick games that you save during. You even save during Slay the Spire, if you want. I rarely want. So I own bigger games, Elden Ring and Forespoken, for example, which I can play and save. But it’s less of a complete stream and something where I would want to do so weekly.

Gloomhaven digital is another option. I play off and on with some friends. But with that one, it does have the issue of length. I could play it by myself two handed. It wouldn’t be too hard. But no matter how fast I am, or especially to start, it takes over an hour which is kind of the target that I shoot for.

Now, over an hour isn’t bad sometimes. My guess is The Isofarian Guard as a board game will take more than an hour the first time. But, that’s my target. So other games, as the channel grows, Jackbox games, people play along. Railroad Ink Challenge is another one, though, I’m as apt to just pick that one for streaming the board game.

Any good video games, easy to pick up, that I should consider streaming?

Upcoming Streams

So next Monday we wrap up My City Roll and Build. Join me for that at 8:30 PM over on Malts and Meeples YouTube channel. It’ll be interesting to see where I finish up and how high a score I can get. It’s one that I might bring along to work and play through a few more times this summer just an episode at a time.

And then Wednesday, I promise (promise not guaranteed) that I’ll play Isofarian Guard. I do plan on learning the rules and getting ISS Vanguard cleaned up and it setup. I know I have time, so it’s very likely. But there might always be a situation where that doesn’t happen. But I plan on it happening and I plan on finally starting Isofarian Guard.

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