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Slay the Spire – Game Play 10

It’s time to go back into the spire and see what happens. I didn’t have enough time to get a game ready, so Slay the Spire is the choice for streaming last night. Join me on Malts and Meeples as I take the Ironclad and then the Silent into the Spire and see how well it goes for both of them.

Slay the Spire

Let’s talk a little bit about the Ironclad run, because that one kind of went against my normal goals in creating an Ironclad run. Normally I look to boost my strength as fast as possible and then deal out big damage. Attacks that cost two aren’t a big deal for me because I want to get that one or two big hits that I’ll need to take down the enemy.

This time I went with a bit of a hybrid approach and I think that was not the best call. Mainly, I think that some cards, the higher cost Demon Form, didn’t work out as planned. Yes, it boosted my damage but at the cost of a turn of damage.

Now, with more energy, I didn’t get to four energy after the first boss, that might have been different. More energy definitely makes things easier. And it makes a three cost card like Demon Form not as big a deal to play. But even then, I think I needed to focus more on dealing out small amounts of damage more often with the vulnerable in play. And cards that are cheaper to play are better.

It would also have allowed me to cycle in more defensive cards. The Ironclad can play around with a lot of defense as a strategy, not one I normally go for. But with the strategy that I was playing, I do think it’d have made sense to build up insane amounts of defense. Because it was about hitting often with vulnerable in play.

What’s your favorite Ironclad strategy?

Upcoming Streams

In the next two weeks my plan will be to go through the Board Game Geek Gen Con preview list. I even though about doing that today. But I suspect that there will be more showing up on that list in the next couple of days.

Let’s talk about the normal streaming, though, as this Wednesday at 8 PM Central, I hope to stream more Isofarian Guard. But I am not sure that I will because I get back from out of town that day. Depending on the timing I might not stream that night. Or it might be something else, probably something else. Such as I have Vampire the Masquerade – Chapters that I can unbox. So I expect to do that. Normal streaming schedule is 8:30 PM on Monday and 8 PM on Wednesday, both times Central.

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