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We’re getting down to it, getting close to the Top 10 games, only a few more of these lists. It’s been a blast as always putting these out and I’m glad that people are enjoying them. I’d be very curious to know what your top 

Brick or Back – The Night Cage

Brick or Back – The Night Cage

You and four others wake up in the dark, only able to crawl and separated in a labyrinth with nothing but a candle to light your way. Can you avoid the monsters and ever changing labyrinth and find the key to escape? Pros Cooperative Horror 

Back or Brick: Hel: The Last Saga

Back or Brick: Hel: The Last Saga

The north is a cold and dangerous place where monsters roam the lands, but the Vikings are hearty folk but even this might be too much for them, will they be able to survive the horrors that await?


  • Established Company on Kickstarter
  • Pedigree of Designer
  • Viking Theme
  • Cooperative Game
  • Solo Game
  • Horror Theme


  • Too Many Minis?
  • Replayability
  • Kickstarter Exclusive

Thoughts On The Page

This is an established Kickstarter company at this point with Mythic Games. They know how to run a very good campaign and I find it interesting that they run short campaigns, so 14 total days, we’re at 13 when this was published. I understand why it’s a Kickstarter exclusive with all the minis that it has, but it does feel like one that you could do a standee version in a retail setting, and I’d maybe be more tempted by a standee version.

The layout of the page is going to be good for that reason and you can find basically all the information that you want quite easily on the page. I also like that they made it simple, there is a single pledge level that gets you all of the game play. They can add in add-ons but those will be for aesthetic reasons only, not for game play. That to me is the sign of a well thought through campaign so the buyer doesn’t feel like they are missing out on content that is really important. And the stretch goal content seems like it fits that model well as it’s just upgrading components or giving alternate sculpts.

Back or Brick

Now, I said above that this would be more tempting to me if it offered a standee version, that’s what I did for Oathsworn because it improved the price point a lot. That said, this is very much my type of game. It has a campaign element to it, it seems like it has some interesting mechanics to it, I like horror, I like Vikings. This will probably end up being a back for me. There’s enough going on, and as more is unlocked, there are definitely some cool upgrades. The artwork and aesthetic of everything really feel like they are drawing me into the game as well. Plus the story element is also legacy-esque. Now for some people legacy is a four letter word in gaming because they think it’s dumb to spend $70 for a lot of entertainment for a group of people as compared to a board game you can play again forever, for me that isn’t an issue, so the Legacy nature doesn’t bother me and the fact that you can reset works means that it can be played again.

How about you, is Hel: The Last Saga by Mythic Games a back or a brick for you?

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