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Halloween Horror: My Top 5 Halloween Monsters

It’s a spooooooktacular time this Halloween. I’ve gone through and done some Halloween Horror articles, looking at Stephen King books, movies, and board games. But now we’re onto an interesting part of Halloween, the monsters. My top 5 monsters is going to pull from classic monsters to modern monsters, but enough talk about that, let’s get into them.

5 – Crawlers
So this actually is from the movie The Descent. It is a monster that you don’t know much about, but being the movie takes place in a cave and there are plenty of dark corners for the monster to hide in, it works so well. And, then if you watch the non-American ending, you find out even more about the monsters that possibly makes them even more terrifying. Yes, this movie has been out a while, but I don’t want to spoil it for you.

Image Source: Consequence of Sound

4 – Cloverfield Monster
I don’t know that it really has any name, but it is scary and the fact that it is having smaller monsters fall off of it is just creepy. It really is just a monster that is around to kill, but the fact we don’t know more about it than just that, it works well. There’s something about a large amount of unknown that makes it into a terrifying monster and something that is so hard to kill is also a good monster. And it isn’t like some horror movie villains where you think that you’ve killed them and then they aren’t dead, this monster just doesn’t go down.

3 – Dracula
Hard to go against one of the oldest monsters out there. Dracula is just terrifying because of how he can plan things out. For me, a good monster really is one that isn’t just that mindless killer that is going to chase you down, but can plot and plan and has an idea of how they want to take over. Dracula is very much that type of monster and very hard to kill as well. There have been so many different versions of vampires, but anything with Dracula in it tends to be a little bit more iconic.

Image Source: Wikipedia

2 – Freddy Krueger
Another one of my personal favorites, I really like the concept of Freddy Krueger and how he can get you in your dreams. While some of his movies are cheesy, the concept is very good. There’s just something so iconic about the sweater that Freddy wears and then the razors on his hands. Robert Englund does such as good job as Freddy as well and has consistently through so many movies.

1 – Pennywise
If people didn’t like clowns before, they definitely don’t like them after seeing the horrors of Pennywise the clown. He is the monster from my favorite Stephen King book and he’s shown up in two tellings of the story by Tim Curry and Bill Skarsgard. The Skarsgard version of Pennywise is definitely the creepiest version on a screen. And Pennywise in an inter-dimensional cosmic spider/clown being that knows your darkest fears and how to play upon them.

Image Source: Indie Wire

There are so many more good monsters out there. The Denarians from The Dresden Files are up there or then Michael Myers and Jason Vorhees are both good options as well. I wanted to do some more mindless monsters as well as some crazy out there monsters.

I hope that you’ve enjoyed the little bit of Halloween coverage that I’ve done, I plan on doing more against next year, and I’ll probably continue to talk about more horror things coming up here anyways, as Halloween just makes me want to watch horror films.

So what is your favorite monster that reminds you of Halloween?

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