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10 Minute Marvel Episode 63: News Week

So there’s a ton of news to talk about, some cool new castings, some more delays, and a trailer for something I’ve been really excited about. Join me on this weeks 10 Minute Marvel to hear about all of them and more.

Thank you all for checking out the podcast, because of people listening, subscribing, and leaving ratings and reviews, we’re going to hit 200 downloads for the first time in a month, and that’s very exciting to see how it’s grown from the first month around 20 for the month to now 200. If you are enjoying the podcast, please do consider subscribing and leaving a rating and review. Those help more people find the podcast and keep the 10 Minute Marvel community growing. We’re on iTunes, Google Play Music/Youtube Music, Spotify, and Stitcher.

What of this news excites you the most? Is it the new trailer, castings, or confirmed 2020 release? Let me know in the comments below. Or you can tweet them to me @TheScando or use #10MinMarvel. I’m also looking for a Kang the Conqueror story to checkout on Marvel Unlimited as well as other recommended comic arcs.

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