Malts and Meeples Table Top Video Streaming

The Return to Malts and Meeples

So we’re coming back around after two weeks off with a revamped set-up for Malts and Meeples, a big new gaming room, so we’re going to talk about some plans for Malts and Meeples going forward and what I’m hoping to do.

I’ve clearly done this a few times before as I have done my end of the year plans. And I will say, with moving I’ve had a long time where I haven’t done anything. That’s because my set-up hasn’t been able to be used for a while, but now we’re getting back to being able to do that, I have a room that can be closed off to keep games set-up as much and as long as I want.

First will be the video types. We’re going to continue focusing on game play throughs. We’ll be doing two different types. One off games and then the bigger campaign games. I want to try and intersperse the two so that it’s not always a campaign and people feel like they’ve missed out on something. Along with those, we will be doing more unboxing videos, mainly highlighting games that I will likely play coming up. This is to be able to highlight those games that might not show up for a bit because of whatever campaign I’m on and to highlight Kickstarter games as they come in. The goal will be one video per week and if I can get into a good rhythm, I might start looking at doing two, a short weekend unboxing and a game play. The game play will likely be a Wednesday stream.

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The next thing is determining streaming platform. I’ve done both YouTube and Twitch for streaming, and while Twitch has some very nice features, I’m leaning towards YouTube, because the videos will all live there eventually and it makes it easier for me. I won’t have to wait to post them so that it isn’t dinged in algorithms because it was on Twitch as well. And I don’t have to record it as well as stream it which should free up some resources on the machine, and I don’t think we’ve had hiccups, but it should reduce them if there have been any.

I’m also going to be running Twitter polls as to what game to play solo as a one off next. Whether it’s something like Marvel Champions, Marvel United, Calico, and more games that I have for solo play that I need to get to the table.

I’ve also considered doing some other videos. Kickstarter videos like I’ve done before, but limited it to 10 projects per month to talk about that are out that I’m interested in. This wouldn’t replace the Back or Brick articles, just be a way to cover more Kickstarters. Or I might use the time to talk about new game releases coming up based off of BGG’s New Game Release section. I’d be curious as to what people would want. I don’t plan on doing reviews, just because that’s a pretty saturated market already. But other content, let me know what you’d want to see.

Finally, thank you everyone who has checked out the videos. It’s been a long time and with Covid and social distancing I’ve struggled to play games and with the drive to play them. I’m using this move to launch me into playing more solo games again and I hope that I’ll see some of you in the chat when I get going with the plan to start next week.

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