Back or Brick: Darkest Dungeon

Back or Brick: Darkest Dungeon

Can you survive the darkest dungeon in this Rogue-Like RPG Dungeon Crawler from Mythic Games based off of a video game?


  • Very established company
  • Dungeon Crawl


  • Dungeon Crawl
  • Theme
  • IP Based
  • FOMO

The Page

Mythic Games knows how to lay out their game pages, they are a very established company and one that I have one of their products, Reich Busters, and kickstarted another with Hel. You clearly get the pledge levels explained, though there is one odd thing about the pledge levels, and that’s that you are “saving” money on a KS exclusive game. If this is Kickstarter exclusive, and I realize it could be that you can get it in the pledge manager and you’d have to add-on the one character, you really aren’t saving anything, because where else are you going to get the game. Now, like I said, it probably means to get everything you’d have to pay $10 or $15 more in the pledge manager, but still, not great advertising and just odd. Also, while they do have a solid amount of information on the page, you have to get through so many pictures of minis, stretch goals and what not before you get to game play. Highlight the minis and the game play at top, that’s my preference.

The Game

This is a grim dark game with perma-death in it, so that is interesting, we’ve seen some games like that, Tainted Grail is kind of like that, though not really, but you an play it that way. And while normally I’m down for fantasy, the grim dark style is something that I feel like is played out for me at this point. I have Tainted Grail, I’m getting Oathsworn and Hel, so though it should be a theme that I like, right now I’m less here for it.

That said, I like that we’re starting to see Dungeon Crawls incorporate in some elements like town building and making the downtime between quests, between dungeon crawls more interesting. That’s something you can see that I’m baking into my game idea, but also that you have in this game, Frosthaven, and more. It makes it feel like a more complete world.

Back or Brick

This, for me, is a brick. I have no connection to the video game, if I did, it might be different. For me this game just doesn’t add much that I’m looking for. I already have games like Frosthaven coming that does the town thing, and grim dark worlds as well. So while I don’t think that this game isn’t interesting looking, I look at where I’d put it on my shelf, and I’m just not sure that there is a home for it. I also don’t love the FOMO of Kickstarter Exclusive, but then also advertising how much you’ll save on the Kickstarter (versus what), that bit just turns me off to it slightly as well. And knowing Mythic Games, I might have a chance to get this from their online store, but right now, not for me.

How about for you, is this a back or a brick?

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