Back or Brick: Project L: Finesse

Back or Brick: Project L: Finesse

This polymino game has you filling in spaces on cards, trying to get the most points in a light engine building game.


  • Established company
  • Engine Building
  • Expansion and base game
  • Good price
  • Quality components


  • No base game only level

The Page

I like the page, you can tell that they are an established company and they know what they are doing. Because it is a previous game as well, they can really highlight the game with images of something that’s not a prototype and have quotes from reviews without it feeling like it’s a preview instead of a review.

Now, when looking at the pledge levels, so me there is one glaring missing level. That’s one just for the base game. Clearly they don’t need it to make this game happen as they are fully funded, but for myself who would want to budget more in terms of games that I get, I don’t know I need the expansion as the base game seems interesting enough to me.

The Game

This game seems really interesting, I like how it feels almost like a cross between Splendor and Century. It is that small little engine building game that generally works really well with my group.

I think the game play is very simple, but clever in how you can work on building up an engine. The start of the game goes “slow” but as you get further and further in the more you can do and the faster you can complete the cards, which is what you want in a good engine building game.

Back or Brick

Now, generally what I’ve said has been glowing about this game, and if I weren’t on a bit of a board game budget right now, I’d probably lean towards this being a back, but for me, this is a brick, because I really want there to be a base game only level pledge. It really feels like they are probably missing out on a solid chunk of change because of it. And the base game with expansion is $60, the expansion by itself is $18, so that puts the base game at $40-45 range, which when you get under $50, it makes it more tempting as well. So this is a brick for me, though, I know I’m probably in the minority on that. If/when this comes to retail, and right now places like CoolStuffInc and Miniature Market are sold out, I’ll likely just pick up the base game.

How about for you, is this a back or a brick?

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