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Malts and Meeples – Marvel Champions Spider-Man vs Rhino

Last night was the first official stream at the new place, keep in mind, I obviously did a test stream already this week, but good news, I’ve figured out a few improvements for this new one. The game was Marvel Champions as I took the starter Spider-Man deck vs the starter Rhino deck just to demonstrate what you get and how to play the game out of the box.

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This isn’t really teaching you how to play the game, though I do try and talk about that some, but also an if you should play the game. I want to give you an idea of how the rules work and how the game works, but you won’t be able to play the game off of what I was doing. The reason I say that is because I know I’ll say or do something wrong, which I did, I forgot about Spider-Mans ability when he is on his hero side, so we’ll have see if that made a difference in the outcome.

For a beer, I had a Bourbon Barrel Coffee Stout. I have to say, it was a bit disappointing, not to say that it was a bad beer, but that style of beer has some expectations on my behalf, and this was underwhelming. The flavor was fine and you got a bit of the coffee flavor, but I was expecting something with a lot of flavor. And the flavor on this was just fine, it was just small and didn’t fulfill what the name and style promised.

So I don’t know what I’m going to play yet next week, I’ll be posting that probably at the start of next week for Wednesday’s Stream. I will say, I do have Pandemic Legacy Season 2 on the way, and I know I want to play through all of that, so that’ll be what I stream for a while coming up. I know campaign games aren’t always the most interesting, but I do have fun streaming them. I will probably play more Marvel Champions next week.

Bottoms up!

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