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Back or Brick: Tiny Turbo Cars by Horrible Guild

You need to clean up your room, but take on one more race as you try to get your remote controlled car to the finish as quickly as possible in this real time racing board game, Tiny Turbo Cars, from Horrible Guild.


  • Theme/Racing Game
  • Price Point
  • Toy Factor
  • Real Time
  • Light Game
  • Game Length


  • Real Time
  • Light Game

The Page

Horrible Guild is a game company that has been on Kickstarter before and a company that has put out a number of games. I have two of the Railroad Ink games that have been put out by them and distributed in the US by CMON. So when it comes to laying out a page for Kickstarter, they know what they are doing.

One of the strong points of the page is that it hits the theme well. I have other racing games, and this could just kind of fall into the category of another racing game, but they make it feel like a toy. The controller piece itself is extremely toy like. And then the section highlighting game play, that is all done as if it’s on an Etch-A-Sketch, which really highlights that lighter racing theme that they are going for with the game. This is meant to feel almost kid like with the game because of the toy factor of it.

The Game

I’ve known about Tiny Turbo Cars for a little bit when I found out about it over on the GloryHoundd discord. Just the images of the game immediately drew me into it, especially the little controllers. I wanted to know how those worked.

In the game you shift the tiles on your controller as fast as possible to create your perfect path and plan. Of course, things might go wrong if you are too fast. Or you might end up getting stuck if you are too slow. You only activate the middle two rows as well, so that gives you a very specific area to manipulate.

The first person to complete gets to move their car first. You try and avoid obstacles that will do damage to your car or terrain that will slow your car down as you follow the instructions that you have programmed. Everyone else is going to deal with you on the track. Then you repeat the process in what seems like is a fast and hectic game.

I don’t always love real time games. Now, they can be fun, I like Fuse well enough though it gets stressful and Magic Maze is clever, but works okay. This one, I think I will like it more. Mainly because it’s not the whole game. I like Galaxy Trucker quite well which has moments of going as fast as possible to build your ship and this game feels more like that than it does like Magic Maze. The downside is that someone who is faster at the puzzle or real time aspect probably will always have the advantage.

Back or Brick

As always, let’s ask the question, is this game a Back or a Brick? It is a Back for me. I definitely get that the real time aspect will not be for some people. Any game with real time is going to be somewhat group dependent but this one looks like so much fun. I like the toy factor for it, I like how fast the game plays, and I love the theme. Plus, it’s a very good price, even with shipping, I feel like I’ll be getting the game at MSRP (manufacturer suggested retail price) and I help make the game come to life. If real time games interest you, I believe that this would be a fun game to back. It allows you a chance to try real time but where it is a major part of the game, but not the whole game.

Is Tiny Turbo Cars by Horrible Guild a Back or a Brick for you?

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