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Malts and Meeples: 4 Pack Board Game Unboxing

Let’s get this show on the road. Last night I did a Malts and Meeples Live Stream over on the Malts and Meeples YouTube channel. I had recently gotten in a number of new and new to me board games that I needed to get unboxed, and in the case of all of them, I need to get them sorted as well. But I wanted to share with you all the new fun that I picked up.

The Games

The games that got unboxed yesterday varied from new ones that I’d gotten via Kickstarter, ordered from the company, an Amazon purchase and from my FLGS, friendly local game store. So a wide variety of content for the stream.

From Amazon I purchased Adventure Land from Haba. This is a game about collection treasures, fighting monsters, and more. But it’s done in a very abstract way. You move your adventurers down and to the right, never back up or towards the left. That means that you need to figure out when to push forward to get that one treasure or when to hold back an adventurer to move later in the game.

Space Base
Image Source: AEG

At my FLGS, I picked up Space Base from AEG. Some call it a Machi Koro killer, it is all about building that tableau of cards in front of you and them activating. This one seems to have more going on in it than Machi Koro did. I expect that it’ll be less of an introductory game to the genre of engine or tableau building.

Direct from the publisher, Breaking Games, I joined in on the hype for Dwellings of Eldervale. This is a massive worker placement, fighting, exploring game. I almost get a little bit of a Lords of Hellas vibe from how it does a little bit of everything, and I really like Lords of Hellas. It’s a big game, and I love the noise making monster bases.

Finally, from Kickstarter, but really from Roxley Games, we have Dice Throne Adventures. Dice Throne is one of my favorite games. I love the one on one, or king of the hill battling and dice chucking. This makes it cooperative as you explore portals and fight bosses.

Patreon Announcement

I talked about this yesterday, but on my stream I went through my Patreon again. In particular, I ran down all the different levels and why I am doing a Patreon. I’m going to be mentioning this from time to time and I’ll be talking about it briefly probably in every stream that it exists. But if you are enjoying my content and want to help support it getting bigger and better, Patreon, right now, is the only way to do that. Any money that I get through it will go into improving the website, the Malts and Meeples livestreams, and the 10 Minute Marvel podcast. Thank you so much for checking out the content and even considering the Patreon. I know a lot fights for people’s attention and money, and I hope that you enjoy what you are getting from the site, streams, and podcast.

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