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Malts and Meeples: Board Game Unboxing and Deadly Doodles

Thanks everyone who has been checking out the videos over on the Malts and Meeples YouTube channel. Last night I streamed some more board game unboxings with the two expansions of Heroes of Land, Air, & Sea, Order and Chaos, and Pestilence. And thank you to everyone who joined for the live stream.

The Unboxing

Heroes of Land, Air, and Sea: Order and Chaos

This takes the base game from four players all the way up to six players if you want. It adds in four new races, Goblins, Undead, Lizard Folk, and Lionkin. One of the main reasons that I picked this up was that the base box has pretty standard races. Order and Chaos adds in some more interesting races. Goblins might be pretty standard fantasy, but as at least playable races, the rest are fairly unique.

Heroes of Land, Air, and Sea: Pestilence

The pestilence expansion is smaller, but it is more of the same as well. It only comes with two new races to play, the Merfolk and the Birdfolk, but they are pretty unique. The Birdfolk come with an island that floats above the board. And the Merfolk come with a transparent plastic sheet that you put on the board covering up an island to make it submerged.

The Game

Image Source: Steve Jackson Games

Since the unboxing was shorter than the previous week, I pulled a game off of the shelf to play as well. Deadly Doodles is a roll and write game that I’ve talked about and reviewed before. It has a fast solo mode, so I decided it’d be fun to play through a couple of games of it on stream and talk about how the game is played. I did poorly my first game, but the second time was a decent score.

The Beer

So, finally, but not least importantly, is the beer. This streams beer was a Chocolate Imperial Stout from Arbeiter Brewing out of Minneapolis Minnesota. I talk some about the differences between a stout and a porter or really the lack of differences that truly define it. However, the Chocolate Imperial Stout, at 9.7% ABV, was really enjoyable and had a very bitter taste to it, like a very dark chocolate. I am a big dark chocolate fan, and I like very dark chocolate, so I enjoyed the beer quite well.

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