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Back or Brick – Canvas and Canvas: Reflections

Work on your greatest painting in Canvas and it’s expansion, Canvas: Reflections, a board game by R2i Games where it has you layering transparent cards to create and complete paintings.


  • The Aesthetic
  • Light/accessible game play
  • Price and shipping
  • Already known game play


  • Might be too light for some

The Page

This page, it’s hard to say it’s not done well. Mainly because it looks so aesthetically pleasing. The game just pops on the page and from what I’ve seen in the review videos pops in real life just as much. And we know that R2i Games has successfully fulfilled on this game before as well.

They lay out game play for the original game to some extent but it is more focused on the expansion. I totally get that for why they did it that way, and I’m glad they have the how to play video for the base game. For me I am most interested in base game play, but I can find that in a number of places now.

The Game

The game itself looks fun. I like the idea of the transparent cards, and how you can use them to really create interesting pictures. I’ve heard, not as a complaint, that some people who play just want to make the prettiest picture instead of always optimizing points. And that is amazing.

The game play seems simple, which is a good thing, in my opinion. According to the Dice Tower review, there are good decisions to be made. But for a game that looks this aesthetically pleasing, I don’t want it to get bogged down in rules. This seems like it should avoid that, but not be a party game, which often games with this type of artwork can end up being.

I also like games that give you a direction to go in. This game isn’t about making your own points, it tells you how you can score based off of scoring cards. That helps a game get to the table. I don’t have to explain as much scoring, just a few cards and how they work. I keep on going back to it, this game, from what I have heard, is an easy game to get to the table, which it should be with it’s aesthetic.

Back or Brick

I mean, it is going to be pretty obvious, this is a Back for me. The aesthetic really sells the game and the clear cards. But it’s more than just that, that was what got me interested in it. When it was on Kickstarter the first time, I didn’t back it. Why, because I wasn’t sure about the game play itself. Now there are a lot of reviews out there, and they tend to be positive. With a game at this weight, I want to know if my wife will like it or not, or if it’ll be good for game nights or not, and I’m now convinced that Canvas will be.

How about for you, is Canvas a Back or a Brick?

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