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Back or Brick: Vivid Memories by Floodgate Games

Pick your pieces and get memories in Vivid Memories, a beautiful looking engine building and manipulation game from Floodgate Games.


  • Aesthetic
  • Deluxe Components
  • Engine Building
  • Simple Mechanics


  • Deluxe only via Kickstarter
  • Complexity

The Page

Floodgate Games has done a number of Kickstarters before. This falls into a category of Kickstarter company that knows how to create their page in a really nice way and how to lay out information so that you can see everything you want to see pretty quickly.

For big miniature games or games with a lot of confusing pledge levels I get showing off those first on the page before the rules. It is probably the information that people want to find most quickly, most often. However, Vivid Memories doesn’t have minis, they don’t have a ton of pledge levels, they just have the deluxe pledge available in English and French. So why are we showing that off first? I don’t get that, I’d much prefer to see them go with the game play first, which still shows off the components as well, than show me everything I’m going to get in my one option.

The Game

This game is interesting. They have put out a wide variety of games, including Sagrada which I love, and Vault Wars, which I have coming. When I look at this game, I feel like I should be getting Sagrada vibes from it. Though, that just comes from the drafting of the pieces and placing them on your board.

But there is definitely more complexity from Vivid Memories to Sagrada. In Vivid you are building up an engine of sorts with the cards you take, the memories you take, to get improved actions. Then you run that engine after the round is up to try and connect different paths on your board. So while I feel like mechanically this is simple, there are going to be interesting choices to make in the game.

But this is where I get into the simplicity and the complexity. I feel like the aesthetic and the basic mechanics of taken the tokens and cards is very simple. On the flip side, I think running the engine and managing those connections, that actually seems fairly brain burning. This can be a fun combo if it’s done well and the brain burning part doesn’t become the majority of the game.

Back or Brick

So is this a Back or a Brick for me? I am going to say, right now this is a Brick. I did watch the Dice Tower playthrough of this, or part of it, which I’ll leave below. And I thought it looked interesting. But do I need a deluxe version of this or can I wait for retail. Don’t get me wrong, the deluxe version looks cool, but I don’t feel like I need it. Now, if it looks good to you, Floodgate Games makes good games and I don’t think you’ll be disappointed.

I also want to try this game before I buy it, why, because of that simplicity and complexity balance. Sagrada, which I compare because of the company, is such a good family weight game. Vivid Memories, I wonder about that complexity of managing your board and engine if it’d take that out of the range for that. And I know the aesthetic would be appealing for my family, but would the game play be?

Is this a back or brick for you?

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