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Malts and Meeples – State of the Channel

So, the time has come to make some plans for Malts and Meeples. You can see what I’ve been streaming lately over here. And I want to add more to the channel. Last year I was doing biweekly chats, and I might do those again. But I want to talk about some future plans for the channel.

Malts and Meeples Videos

Firstly, I want to start with the quality of my videos. They are solid, but not always where I want them to be, and that is something that I want to improve upon. Plus sometimes technology acts up and I miss it, see Sleeping Gods Part 5, I believe, for how that went wrong and the audio got messed up. That is somewhat on me. But this is going to be where I ask you to subscribe, give videos thumbs up, and consider the Patreon, which you can find here.

The reason I am making a push for this is that I’d like to do a few things, eventually, to improve my streaming quality. And Patreon plus growing the channel so I can do more previews or reviews of Kickstarter games coming up, means that I’ll be able to do that eventually. I’d like to be able to get a gaming table. That would make it easier for me to keep a campaign game set-up and keep getting it to the table for streaming. I would also like to improve the quality of my game camera, get something that is a bit better on the focus.

New Content

Next up, I want talk about the different types of new content I am considering doing. Because I do have some ideas for upcoming series. And I want to ask if people want me to do board game reviews in video format? I do written reviews, and those won’t go away. But should I do video reviews as well?

But while you ponder that question, let’s look at some series I’m considering doing:

Collection or Cull

This would be a series where I go through my collection and talk about if I am going to cull them – sell them – or keep them in my collection. Plus it’ll be a fun way to talk about the games that are in my collection. I know a number of channels do this sort of thing already, I generally like those videos if they aren’t about – “Look how much I’m getting rid of, I’m so awesome for it.”. But I think it’d be a smart thing to do to take stock of what I have, what might not be getting played, and what might be leaving. This would probably be my biweekly Monday chat.

Video Game Streaming

I want to keep these new ideas a bit more simple. Mainly, without a gaming table, it make it trickier and more work to set-up a board game every single time I want to stream. So I want to try some things like video games as well. And with Elden Ring just coming out, I am really tempted to pick it up and stream that. I also have the digital version of Gloomhaven I could stream. Or Slay the Spire and Inscryption. Though, Inscryption right now is less interesting. And Outer Wilds is another one that really seems intriguing to me. Let me know what you’d want to see streamed.

A little bit about each game:

  1. Elden Ring – This is an open world game kind of in the style of a Dark Souls, but way more open world than that. It’s new, looks really cool, but also does still have a few bugs. But if you want to see my hack and slash and die, this could be awesome. Plus the graphics are amazing.
  2. Gloomhaven Digital – Gloomhaven the board game but digital. I think it would be fun to go through, I believe you need to control four characters which is a downside. Plus it’s more board game coverage, which isn’t a bad thing.
  3. Slay the Spire – This is board game adjacent because there is a board game version coming eventually, maybe, hopefully, to crowdfunding. But it is a rogue-like deck building game. The nice thing is that a run isn’t that long.
  4. Outer Wilds – A space game where a sun explodes and the world resets every 22 minutes, I believe. This is going to be a game of exploring mysteries of why it’s happening and maybe figure out how to break out of the loop, I really don’t know.
  5. Other – let me know if there is one that you think would be interesting to watch? Maybe something more story and choice driven?

Digital Board Games

So, technically Gloomhaven Digital could fall into this category. But more likely I’d use this to preview upcoming games or more for games that are a one off. So stuff like my Rogue Angels play through on TTS. The idea would be that I want to cover more upcoming games so you know if they are right for you.

Recorded Game Plays

So, unlike most of this other content, this would be recorded. The upside to that is that it means I don’t need to set it up at a specific time. The downside is that they might be more sporadic. But if you liked the Aldarra game play, and that was a massive game, then maybe do some more recorded game plays. I could also do them when I just feel like playing a one off solo game and leave campaigns more for the Wednesday live stream.

Top Tens

Board game top ten lists are always fun. I would consider doing these just by myself as I have before. But I’d also like to start bringing in a few friends on them as well. Or reach out to some content creators to see if they’d want to collaborate. There are a lot of creators that do top tens, but I’m okay adding to that because I like doing them as well. You can see in my Top 100 videos how excited I get making them and talking about games.

Final Thoughts

Firstly, I want to thank everyone for watching. I really appreciate the people who join it live and check it out later. And I do want feedback on what works well, what maybe doesn’t and I could improve upon, things like that. Let me know what you want to see more of or less of. You can use the information in the bottom to let me know on Facebook, Twitter, or email.

And I really want to grow Malts and Meeples this year. But for those who prefer the written content, I will not be getting away from that. Nerdologists.com is going to still be a focus on what I do and something that I want to grow as well. But part of that is growing the brand as a whole and that means if Malts and Meeples does better, hopefully more people will find Nerdologists.com as well.

And help me pick my next board game to stream as well.

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