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Massive Darkness 2 Unboxing

It was not a Kickstarter that I had planned to pick up. But when Massive Darkness 2 came out with an expansion, Heavenfall that was a campaign, I know I likely would buy it. And sure enough, I did. And I am excited to play it. But unlike some other CMON campaigns, I didn’t go all in, mainly because I didn’t immediately go in. But let’s head over to Malts and Meeples where last night I unboxed the game.

The Game – Massive Darkness 2

Massive Darkness is a dungeon crawler game where generally you play through one off scenarios. You fight monsters and level up your character in their class as you go. It is different from a normal dungeon crawl game that way. Most of the time you level up between scenarios but because these aren’t tied to a whole story, you do it during the game.

However, the reason that I backed this one is the Heavenfall expansion. That expansion gives you a short campaign to play through. There are 14 different quests in the campaign. And you don’t play through all of them. It gives you branching options. It also gives you harder roaming monsters to fight and allows you to go up to level 10 instead of just level 5.

Upcoming Streams

On Wednesday at 8 PM central, I will be diving back into the Pathfinder Adventure Card Game to see how well I can do this time. If you want to catch up on what has happened before, you can do so here. My plan is to stick with the heroes that I have and take on that first scenario again knowing a bit more now.

And then next Monday, I will be streaming again. Target time is to start by 8:30, but last night it was 9. I did a GenCon video two weeks ago. And then this unboxing yesterday. Next week is going to be a Top 10 list. While my Top 10 roll and writes will have changed, I want to push that list out a little bit further. Instead, we are going to do one that BoardGameCo did recently, Top 10 Crowdfunding Games I’d Back Again.

What Top 10 lists would you like to see me do in the future?

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