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Back Or Brick: Globetrotting

Traverse the globe with intriguing looking 3D globes in Globetrotting, a globe and write game from R2i Games.


  • The aesthetic
  • The style of game
  • Company’s preview work


  • Retail edition price
  • Deluxe edition extras

The Page

R2i (Road to Infamy) is the same company that put out Canvas, so they know something about running a beautiful looking Kickstarter. And this game is no different with that, showing off great artwork and then cool and unique pieces.

That is really a hallmark of what R2i does. In Canvas they have amazing artwork that you layer into paintings. And in the deluxe they had easels. And the globes for Globetrotting are equally as amazing. Add in the fact that it’s a roll and write dry erase board is equally as amazing.

But I do have a little issue with their pricing or what you are getting. So, the base game, retail edition, with shipping is at MSRP. Do you want to get it now, then it’s worth backing, if not, it might not be. And the deluxe edition, it doesn’t add in that much. In the deluxe edition you get a few more goal tiles and a few cards. Compare that to getting easels for Canvas, it feels lacking. Now, what else could they create more deluxe, I’m not sure, because the game is already deluxe. Maybe the easels were an add-on but in either case, the deluxe doesn’t add too much.

The Game

The game itself looks like a lot of fun. You are creating routes for vacations around your globe. You do so in three different seasons trying to complete objectives and getting stamps in your passport. It looks like it doesn’t try and do too much, though as a game.

What really intrigues, though, most about the game is this idea of wanting to travel the same places as the people next to you. That determines how you score points or how many you score points. So you’ll want to work together but not all the time so you don’t give them too many points either. It reminds me of Between Two Cities, I believe it is, where you build up two cities between players and only score the lower.

Here, you score your own thing, but you don’t want to ally with one player too much so that they are getting more than you for completing their goals. It seems like it offers some interesting interactions at the table compared to some roll and writes. A lot of them are very solitaire in what you do, which isn’t a bad thing. But it’s nice to see roll and writes that try and do something different.

Back or Brick

You can probably guess, but this is a Brick for me. Even though I enjoy Canvas a lot, and even though I love roll and write games, the reason to back on Kickstarter just isn’t there for me. Globetrotting is a game that I likely pick-up at retail. And it’ll be part of an online order so chances are slightly below MSRP with free shipping. There is nothing that really is incentivizing me to go get it now besides supporting the company.

And the deluxe gives a price jump and some decent things, but not enough for interest me. It’s less of a deluxe and more of just adding in a module and a bit more game play content. When you say deluxe on a Kickstarter project, I am expecting some physical upgrades versus more stuff. Maybe something like a nicer passport, or something like that.

How about for you, is Globetrotting a Back or Brick?

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