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Top 10 Board Games I’d Back on Crowdfunding Again

Last night I had a Top 10 list streamed with the Top 10 Board Games that I’d Back Again. And it is a fun list to do. So I am glad that BoardGameCo did a list like this. I made my list slightly different than his, but the concept is the same, if I could only back 10 games on Crowdfunding, or 10 of them that I have before, which 10 would it be. And I will say, it is not an easy list to make. I back a number of games, but I’m fairly picky about them, so I am really excited for a lot of them. Join me and see the list.

Top 10 Games I’d Crowdfund Again

So, you can really tell what sorts of games I tend to back on crowdfunding from this list. Though, it isn’t completely true. The big thing with making this list is that I know a lot of the smaller games I can pick-up at retail. So that definitely influenced my list.

I think if we were to talk about the games that might get played more often, it’d be a different list of my games backed on Kickstarter and Gamefound. But for the ones that I’d look at now and definitely go all in on, or go in heavily on again, definitely going to be those bigger campaign games.

As part of the conversation with the chat, join live and you can be part of it as well, we did end up talking about some of the smaller games that I backed as well. There are some that I’d be remiss if I didn’t want to back them again. And at the very end, even, I went and tracked down a few I know I will be keeping an eye on. So a lot of crowdfunding was covered but mainly about those 10 (cheated with an 11) games.

Upcoming Streams

Wednesday I am going to be playing the next scenario in Pathfinder Adventure Card Game. The video is already up so you can head over and click that notification bell to know when I am going live. The video is here.

As for next Monday, I am not sure what that stream is going to be yet. I think I might be looking to play a game of some sort. Most likely a smaller game so I can chat, but there are a number of games I am going to want to get to the table soon. There is also a chance that I will be doing an unboxing. I believe that I have Etherfields coming in soon as well as Marvel Dice Throne, and then not too long until Oathsworn. So I can unbox a lot.

What are your top games that you would back again on Crowdfunding?

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