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Stars of Akarios – Game 7

We go planet side again in Stars of Akarios by OOMM Games. This time with less of an objective than before. Instead, we’re just trying to hunt down missions to go on with a few leads out there. But what we find on the planet is a lot of exploration to checkout barely starting to scratch the surface. And what sort of story are we pulling out from it, I’ll talk a bit about this first real big planet exploration in more detail later.

Stars of Akarios – Planet Exploration

This is the second planet exploration that I’ve done. And I reference in the Dice Tower review with Tom Vassel and Chris Yi, that Tom wasn’t that much of a fan of the planet exploration. Mainly seeming like the space combat stood out so much to him that it didn’t feel like the game needed everything. Chris was still a fan of it. But now that I’ve had the experience of exploring the first planet outside specific starter planet to teach you how to do it, what do I think of it?

I fall more on the Chris Yi side of things, I like the change up in the game. And while I can understand Tom’s perspective, the space combat is a ton of fun, I like being able to go down to a planet, explore, get some things to scout, some missions to happen and then go back up into space. It offers me agency in picking how the story goes out.

Spoilers for what happens in the game play, but when I go help the medic and then they get killed, I could have done nothing. I made the choice to chase after. But I could have stopped before, I could have ignored the medic, I could have successfully helped the kid trapped in the corner. All of those things were options for me. But I got to make a choice there. And I don’t have to go after that assassin now. I could wait, which is thematically weird. But I want to.

How Much Story Is There?

What I don’t know yet, though, about the planet exploration, is if I’ll eventually get to everything. I hope that Stars of Akarios is developed in such a way where I do something parts of the story are blocked off. I guess we found a spot where that is already the case. But how much more of that will occur.

My one negative, and I don’t know how you get around this. Some things are probably not meant to be done again. Again a spoiler, when I go to the second location, there is an event that happens. That event is never going to have a different outcome. But technically, every time I explore, I should do that event. I can remember that I don’t need to, but it might be a little bit until I’m back to the planet. I’m not sure a good way around it, bigger save sheet and have the events you only do once on there. But that’d be all I can come up with.

Upcoming Streams

So, next Wednesday, I’ll be back with more Stars of Akarios. Here is the link, you can click the notification bell to know when I go live. But we’re going after the assassin which I’m guessing is going to lead to space combat, we’ll see, otherwise we do have another space mission as well.

And then on Monday, I am going through my Top 100 Games (of all time) 2022 Edition. Last Monday I started with 100 through 91, you can find that video here. But next Monday it is going to be 90 through 81. Join me at 8:30 PM Central time for that next part of my Top 100 list.

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