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Top 10 Marvel Characters I Want In the MCU

We know that soon every character is going to be fair game for the MCU. Well, almost any, there are some legal things that keep Sony with Spider-Man and there is no way that Sony is letting Spider-Man and his rogue gallery go back to Marvel. But most of the rest of the characters are back in the fold after a couple of years ago now Marvel bought up 20th Century Fox getting back the Fantastic Four and the X-Men.

And with a massive multiversial event coming up with The Kang Dynasty and Secret Wars at the end of Phase 6, it got me thinking, what characters do I really want to see in the MCU that we haven’t so far. I am going to skip characters who might be coming up soon that we know about. The Hood for example in Ironheart might have made the list. The Fantastic Four would be obvious choices but we know we’re getting them. So without much more writing, let’s get to the list.

Top 10 Marvel Characters I Want in the MCU

10 – Squirrel Girl

Almost didn’t make my list. Squirrel Girl is such a meme at this point that it feels odd to put her on there. But she is a fun character and one of those grounded characters that works well. I’d love to see her and some other ground level characters work together. Once Ms Marvel is done with Captain Marvel, team her up with Squirrel Girl and Spider-Man and make a NY street level movie out of it.

9 – Beta Ray Bill

A character who is already hinted at in the MCU is Beta Ray Bill, but no casting and as far as I know, no plans. Beta Ray Bill’s face, or something similar, was on the Grandmasters tower with Hulks face. I’m glad they didn’t try and squeeze him into Thor: Ragnarok plot. But eventually Chris Hemsworth will be done with Thor. And instead of killing him off or recasting him, why not have a horse faced alien take over?

8 – Beast

This list could have just been X-Men and mutants. We’re obviously waiting for them to come up, but one of my favorites that I wanted to talk about is Beast. Beast, I like him because he’s like Smart Hulk without the other personality. But unlike Smart Hulk where eventually there will be smashing, Beast really never wants to use his strength. So it’d feel like a character with different motivations and I think he’s key to forming an X-Men team.

7 – Magik

I’m not sure if New Mutants technically came out after Disney bought 20th Century Fox, it was in the works for so long, but I want Magik in the MCU. We’ve had hints of things like other realms and demonic realms, so bring in Magik. Someone who has the ability to go through realms because, well, she has a lot of story connections to there. Even learning her dark magic in Limbo. Plus her character with a giant sword that can slice through dimensions is great.

6 – Amadeus Cho

Amadeus Cho, a hulk, and a character that I wish would have shown up in She Hulk but I don’t think will. But it’d be another chance to introduce another Hulk into the MCU. And one who isn’t blasted with gamma radiation, but instead using his smarts comes up with nanotechnology that allows him to control the gamma radiation and when he changes. Yes, we already do have a lot of Hulks, and I think we end She Hulk with one more, but Amadeus Cho is different enough, I think to work.

5 – Ghost Rider

Ghost Rider I hope we see sooner rather than later. I really enjoy him as a character and even Nicholas Cage’s Ghost Rider was fun. This would again like Magik tie into a story line with Mephisto or some other demon. Since Ghost Rider gets his powers that way as well. I really don’t care which version we get, I’d just like to see him show up and work with Moon Knight or Blade.

4 – Brother Voodoo

Brother Voodoo was actually rumored at one point in time to be in Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness. He wasn’t and I’m okay with that. How do you bring him in, well, I want a Werewolf by Night, coming out so soon, style special with him. Give me in 2023 or 2024 a creepy Halloween special where Brother Voodoo is investigating something in the Louisiana Bayou, maybe even teamed up with a character higher on my list. It’d be a great vibe and he’s a character who takes the mantle of Sorcerer Supreme as well, which I think would be interesting to have Doctor Strange passed by again.

Doctor Doom - Marvel
Image Source: Marvel

3 – Doctor Doom

I thought about, much like with X-Men stuffing the list full of villains. There are a lot of good ones out there, but Doctor Doom is the one who made it onto the list and very high on the list. I suspect we’ll see him first of any of these characters. I think he might even show up as soon as Black Panther: Wakanda Forever, but more like Fantastic Four. But Doom is such a great villain that I want him now.

I’ve talked on some a bit about how I’d bring them in, but I want Doom to already exist in the world. No origin story, but during the blip, he creates Latveria, the country he rules. He uses the political unrest to cut out a little country for himself. And when people come back, he greats them with open arms, but eventually we figure out that he is really a villain. Give me all that backstory before The Fantastic Four film, please.

2 – Rogue

Final two are X-Men and both of them could team up with Brother Voodoo for the Halloween special that I want to happen. Rogue is a great character mainly because she is very powerful. But with her power there is a massive drawback. There are rumors, unfounded, that she’ll be in The Marvels. There is a storyline where she drains Captain Marvel’s powers and leaves her in a coma, I doubt that they do that, though. But put her down south with my top character, put them on the run, and let them be somewhat shady good guys dealing with weird things, I’m cool with that.

1 – Gambit

My number one is Gambit. I just find his powers awesome. But to go along with that, I think he often has very interesting storylines. Gambit is a character who I wouldn’t mind seeing more of an origin for. Mainly because like an Ant-Man he goes from criminal to hero. But to get that full story and to get to see him as a criminal I think would be good. Ant-Man/Scott Lang, always seems like he was on the right side. What I like about Gambit is that he was on the wrong side and then comes over.

Plus, he’s a perfect character to provide a bit of levity to a Halloween special. Team him up with Brother Voodoo, Gambit is probably in over his head. But he’s the type of character who always tries to make it work even when the odds are against him.

Who Would Be On Your List?

Let me know who would make your list? If I had more of a connection to stuff like Jessica Jones or Luke Cage, I could see maybe having put them on the list. I like them as characters in the comics. But not enough and I need to watch the Defenders shows that they were in on Netflix. And there are some characters I’d like to see make more MCU debuts like Miles Morales, but he’s with Sony.

So this is my list, definitely could have come up with more. And I do think a number of them, will be coming in the next handful of years. But what that’ll look like, I’m not sure.

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