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Lands of Galzyr – Game 9

Bumir is back to his adventuring ways, but with no quests close, how will his luck go at becoming legendary again? Well, we do run across a few other achievements, so what are they? Join me as I play Lands of Galzyr over on Malts and Meeples and catch up on Bumir’s adventures.

The Game – Lands of Galzyr

Let’s talk about those achievements today. Because I did come across two of them yesterday, and it’s fun to come across them. But does it change the game, at all, no, it doesn’t. Is there a rhyme or reason to what quests give them out, not really. So I’m a little bit hit or miss on them.

What I like about them is that it gives you that fun moment of, I wasn’t expecting that to happen. That is fun to be surprised. And it’s fun to mark down, and I feel like that’s even optional, to be, I was the first to get that. It’d be more fun in a multiplayer series of games. In solo, well, Bumir is the first one to get any that we come across because he’s the only character.

That said, you can see how it might not feel like it means that much. You get it randomly so it isn’t like it is smart play. And you don’t really have much lasting for it, in a multiplayer game there is more bragging rights. But how would it work to change that?

A Possible Solution?

I think there are ways that they could have made it worth more. Not game breaking like an auto success or something like that. But something minor. I think of my playtesting for Stonesaga where you can get major or minor boons, an additional 1 or 2 to a skill for checks. Why not do something similar here. Give a token for an extra black die, or an extra die of a color on a check. You trade it in and get that boon for getting achievement on a single check.

To me, it is something that would make that experience a bit more fun. Yes, they still are random when they come out, to some extent. In other ways, you get to enjoy a little bit of a reward when you make the choice that let’s you get that. How much of a choice, that sometimes varies, but it’d still make them feel like a bit more.

Upcoming Streams

Next week we are going to say farewell to Bumir as I finish up my playthrough of Lands of Galzyr. It’s interesting because technically it could never end. Bumir is able to just keep wandering. But to get to other games, it is coming to an end. To catch that last video, you can find it here. Click on that notification bell and know when it goes live. Or you can subscribe and get notified that way. Or you could just join at 8 PM Central.

Then the other day that I stream is on Mondays. Monday at 8:30 PM central time. That is generally more of a random game that I try out, often a smaller roll and write or something that fits into a half hour time frame. This upcoming Monday I am thinking about, not sure on yet, of doing a video to help me pick what campaign game to play next. More details will come out on that video probably on Monday.

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