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ISS Vanguard – Game Play 6

It was a shorter than normal stream last night as I have a bit of a cough. Thanks to a kid who doesn’t always like to share deciding to share a cold. But we did start to explore Brimstone, what’s waiting for us on that planet? Well, thus far, it’s been a lot of pain, but you can check that out in the video below. So join me as I explore more of ISS Vanguard.

ISS Vanguard – Game Play

So let’s talk a bit about Brimstone because it is the first planet that we really chose to go to. The rest of them have walked us through them, but Brimstone, we decided to go there. And is it the right one to go to first, who knows, but it’s offered some new and interesting things.

Firstly, let’s talk about the hazard on the planet. That dirt storm is pretty interesting. It basically bounces around specific parts of the map making it much harder to get through there. It’s really something where I need to time up how I move to be able to avoid it. There is a short cut one way, but that means on the way back you need to avoid it which is interesting.

I also think it’s interesting, and I need to see how it plays out, that I likely won’t find what I need on this planet. The first two planets, again, you can’t go back to, it doesn’t save the state. But with Brimstone, I keep it where I left it. So things that I didn’t do will still be left undone. And more importantly, the things I have completed, I don’t need to go back and do again. So part of me wonders about ditching the planet right now in an attempt to leave with no crew dying.

The other part of me thinks, it is a tough planet to land on. So let’s do what I can while I’m down here. I suspect that it won’t be that tough a planet to land in reality, but we’ll have to see. I might go to another planet that they recommend at the start or from what I’ve seen thus far. But they might just be spots where I need to come back to a couple of times as well.

Upcoming Streams

Hopefully next week it will be back to normal. But I know the cold and cough have hung around for my kid and wife for a while. I really want it to be gone, as do they, so we’ll see. But the plan is next Monday to stream at 8:30 PM central time. If I have the time my goal it to learn Skytear Horde. That can be played solo or two player, so learn the solo obviously.

Then on Wednesday, let’s see what happens again on Brimstone. I suspect it’ll be racing to the lander and lifting off, hoping not to get knocked out or killed on the planet. One survivor seems likely, but can I get two? That is going to be at 8 PM Central time. The video link isn’t up for that yet.

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