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Another game is coming and that’s after one that I didn’t get to writing about showed up yesterday. But Too Many Bones: Unbreakable has been on a fairly outstanding one for me as this is what got me to pick up some Too Many Bones. We’ll dive into that system and what the game is all about.

Normally I’d add in a video here of the game play. But for Unbreakable, there really isn’t much game play. It’s an established system, so less new content on it. So let’s go back to an older Rolling Solo video to show off the game system of Too Many Bones in general.

Too Many Bones: Unbreakable – Crowdfunding

So, like I said this is the point where I jumped into the game. My first experience, though with the game was the playthrough above, and then playing a bit of a demo of it at GenCon in 2019. Let’s just say that GenCon and a bit of a demo really isn’t the way to try out the game. Chip Theory Games doesn’t make light games. So while I enjoyed it, I didn’t love it.

Fastforward to this crowdfunding campaign. And why jump in at this point. Well, it’s supposed to be the last bigger box expansion, possibly. But it is more because these characters sounded cool. I’ll get into them in more detail, so it seemed like a jumping in point that was nice and safe. Since then, of course, I own more and I’m ready to get it to the table.

The Level Up System

Let’s start by talking about Too Many Bones and the big thing that is really tempting about this game. As you play the game you get to level up as you go. That means unlocking new abilities or increasing stats. From what I’ve heard, often stats are just as good as abilities or better. Because survivability is important. But let’s talk about the abilities.

Each character has their own board and dice that they can use to level up. And each character levels up their own things. Let’s talk a bit about the characters here. Because that’s what is so key to the level up system.


Gale is going to use their mechanical abilities to manipulate the wind. This is all done in the standard way via the dice rolls. Generally around wind, she’s going to try and control the battle board to some extent that way, moving enemies


Figment is a time traveler. Coming to the past when the world needs them most, Figmant manipulates different elements of the game. Allowing turn order to change or messing with other elements of combat.

Compared to the original characters which were more standard fantasy tropes, Gale and Figment standout in what they can do. So their leveling paths are going to be interesting.

Campaign but Not

So, let’s talk about this as well because Chip Theory Games does this a lot as well. They create games that are campaigns but really aren’t campaigns. In this case it is and isn’t one at the same time. There isn’t that story progression that you are reading. It is the story of what your characters do, fight, and how they upgrade. But it’s not a specific narrative path. So that allows them to get it very generic and shorter.

But it is a campaign because you do level up. Your characters progress throughout the game. The whole last section that I wrote about, you can see how it would be a campaign game. Except for the fact that the story isn’t there.

High Quality

Finally, let’s wrap up by talking about how nice a game that Chip Theory Games makes. Everything that they do is very high quality. They don’t give you a dual layer or single layer cardboard player board, no, it’s a neoprene mat. They don’t give you generic dice that you need to match up to something, custom dice all the way. The poker chips for most things aren’t cheaper quality and even the more basic health chips are really nice.

Everything about the game is quality. And that has stayed consistent across all of their products. Now, that seems like a lot and it does make the games expensive. But they started that way and because it has stayed that way, nothing is incompatible which means that you can play with a lot of different characters that they have put out in Too Many Bones.

Final Thoughts on Too Many Bones: Unbreakable

Is this just an excuse to get into a game that I liked, possibly. But it is a game that I want to dive into. There are a lot of very cool elements and I want to explore this world. I know people love it as a solo game. So I want to explore it as that. I want to play it with friends, I want to see how all the different gearlocs play that I have.

I know that for a lot of people it is a lifestyle game. And I know that it isn’t the easiest game to learn. But I’m excited to dive into it and see all that it has to offer.

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