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Frosthaven – Cephalofair Talks Crafting

So we’ve gotten some new information about Frosthaven out on Cephalofair’s website where Isaac Childress wrote a post about crafting in the game, you can find the whole article here.

Now, normally when I do these posts, I’m writing up information from a video so that you don’t have to watch an hour long video or a twelve minute video. In this case, I’m still going to hit some highlights, but reading his post is probably going to be as about as fast.

So let’s talk about this in my normal bullet point fashion.

  • You start with 1-12 items that you can craft
  • Crafting items for loot drops versus gold
  • Buildings can be upgraded with crafting items
  • Alchemist/Apothecary you can make potions
  • But you won’t know what potion, use Pandemic Legacy style dossier
  • Rare loot/crafting supplies
  • Do you use them to upgrade buildings/buy awesome items
  • Character unlocks can unlock new buildings or characters
  • Unlock retirement quests in batches so never takes too long

There’s even more in there as well, but a lot of stuff that we’ve already known. We’re a week away from the launch of the Kickstarter which is crazy to thin and I’m really excited for it and for getting this game in my hands come 2021. So next week keep an eye out for that and my breakdown of the page.

So if you just wanted the highlights, there they are for you, but I’m going to continue talking about this a little bit longer, just nothing new.

What intrigues me about this post is that there is most certainly going to be more of legacy aspect to this game. Now, you’d be able to play scenarios again and go through the main story, but unless it comes base with a reusable sticker pack or as part of the kickstarter addons, you’re going to have a city that is too built up to start another play through of it just like it is. Now, I love legacy games, and if this is another 100 scenarios, it’s going to take me two years to get through, so it’s not a problem, but if you know you’re going to play this 6 hours a week every week, you’re going to get through it way faster.

But, I love that legacy aspect, and I love the idea that you are going to get something brewed and it might be poison or it might heal you, or it might be bog water that does nothing, you don’t know. And as you unlock more you’re probably going to get, minor health, power, and stamina potions or something like that unlocked, do you then push further in to see if you can get better potions faster, earlier in the game? And the fact that resources are used for both upgrading the town and making items gives you another point of decision.

I also like that the unlocked characters (buildings) are being released in batches. We started out in Gloomhaven with a Cragheart who retired after every other character because of the quest that they pulled to start and we just didn’t have the ability to do a quest that they needed completed. In this, it sounds like that problem is being taken care of, which is really nice. Granted, it wasn’t too bad, but to know that we’re not accidentally going to run into a situation like that, that’s cool.

Needless to say, I’m stoked for this game and ready to see what the Kickstarter page is going to look like. What do you think of the new news about Frosthaven, are you down for crafting?

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