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Waiting on Kickstarter Vol 1: Middara and Etherfields

New series of posts, when I get stuck on what to write about, I’m going to go through and see what Kickstarters I’m waiting on, talk about why I backed them, and if I’m still excited for them, or what makes me excited about them.

Middara: Unintentional Malum Act 1

There are a few things that made me really interested in this, first, it is a campaign game, and I like campaign games a lot. But while it has a dungeon crawl feel to it, it is something that is very different. It blends elements of Sci-Fi and anime in as well, to create a massive world, I’m only backing Act 1 of 3, and Act 1 is basically the size of Gloomhaven with the other two boxes being similar as well.

Image Source: Succubus Publishing

Now, with Frosthaven on the way, does that change how I feel about Middara since that’ll be another big box campaign style game? And I don’t think that it does. I am getting these campaigns to play with people, yes, but also for playing on Malts and Meeples stream myself. I started doing that with Tainted Grail, and I need to get back to that, but that will happen after a move, so Middara is going to give me another massive campaign to go through if I want, or I can play it with part of a group as well.

I also think that this game does what Gloomhaven tried to do in the expansion, Forgotten Circles. In this game you have parts of the map that aren’t in the original map set-up. This gives the game more of a sense of discovery throughout it’s play. And you can get even more of that with the story which is being added to the Foreteller app so that you don’t have to read it yourself but you can hear voice acting for it.

Really, though, what makes me excited is the setting. This alien world, these humans but not quite humans, I like the power set-up for it and how you can develop your character over time. I think that the setting is just unique and makes for a really interesting game that feels different. I’m going to look at it and try it out when I get it because Act 1 is coming before 2 and 3, and if I like it, I might have to get the other acts as well.

Excitement Level: 9/10


Etherfields is Awaken Realms next big kickstarter after Tainted Grail, and while I went all in on Tainted Grail, because the story and the world building was so unique, I was a little bit more restrained on Etherfields. In Etherfields you are exploring these dreamlike worlds in basically different scenarios. Where the whole thing tells different stories in unique ways.

What I really like about this one is the unique setting again. While I said that Middara was a blend of fantasy, sci-fi, and anime, this one gives off more of an Alice in Wonderland, Through The Looking Glass sort of trip to it, and I think that’s going to be fun as well.

Image Source: Awaken Realms

I was also interested because there was deck building in the game as well, and I’m a big fan of deck building games. The deck building is really how you do your actions, and I like that there’s a balancing act in the game where you can spend a card for either the resources or put it in play, but you need to have the resources. This is something similar to Marvel Champions and to a lesser extent Arkham Horror the Card Game, and I really like it in both of them.

Now, I’m a ways out from this one because I knew I’d likely have Middara coming in before it and all of Tainted Grail, so I went with a single wave shipping for Eitherfields, so I probably won’t see that until sometime in mid to late 2021. It’s hard to be too excited about it, and while I think it’s going to be a great game, and I love the look of it, I knew that it was one I was going to be okay waiting on for a while.

Excitement Level: 6.5/10

So which of the two interests you more?

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